Saturday, July 25, 2015

Family photos!!!

Family photos in the fireweed today. #summerinalaska #blessed

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Warm days

Finally back blogging!!!

85 degrees in May means that we spent the afternoon at Chena Lakes. Loved it!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Sunrise at work this past week. Love the colors! Wish the picture truly showed how beautiful it was!!! 

Sledding in January!

We went sledding with friends today!! We have really enjoyed the unusually warm weather this January. It's been great to be outside and PLAY!! 

Dogsled Race Fun

We had a great time at the dogsled race. The kids loved seeing the dogs and we had great weather. 

Road trip to Glennallen

Road trip!!! We went to Glennallen this past weekend (1-9-2015) for the Copper Basin 300 dogsled race and to visit friends. It was the first road trip with nobody in diapers!! Ellie is officially potty trained and it was a wonderful trip. 

It was a beautiful drive. This was the section of road near Donnely Dome by Delta. 

We saw quite a few caribou near Fort Greeley. The kids loved seeing them!!

If you look really closely, you can see the wolf in the woods that we saw near Black Rapids.

The other animal we saw was a silver fox--so fun to see wildlife on the trip. 

Arrived in Glennallan: the gangs all here! Fun to visit with our friends Erin, Lacey, Olivia and Caleb. 


We have a new member of our family--a puppy named Chloe. She is a white shepherd and lab mix. We love having her!! 

New buddies - Chloe and Bailey

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Late entry: Christmas Morning!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning! We opened presents with Mom Sites and Mormor/PopPaw watching via Skype. Everyone got lots of wonderful gifts. Thankful for the gifts of our Savior and of family.

One more picture...

I'm still getting used to my new camera that Jon got me for Christmas--but I think that even though I likely did not use the most ideal setting on the camera, the shot still turned out awesome. You can see the motion of the snowmachine going...but Kaden's face is not blurred and you can see his rosy cheeks. Happy mama, almost-famous photographer! Haha.

Snowmachine fun

Snowmachining at Grandma's house this evening-the kids had a blast. Took their helmets off so that I could get some photos with their expressions and rosy cheeks :)
Kaden loves to ride the most. Ellie loves to ride too. Noah has to be convinced every time that riding is a good idea.

Showing off his "stand up" move.

Taking sister for a slow ride and smiling for the camera.

Kaden does great with Ellie riding behind him. Usually they have helmets on...