Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Congrats Jon!

Jon got the GEM award today for "going the extra mile" at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where we both work. So proud of him!!!
He wasn't excited for pictures but we are so proud of him!!!

Myself, the kiddos and his folks all were able to help him celebrate! :)

Fun times!

Headed to daycare and preschool a few mornings ago. Kaden is so proud of his Mohawk!!!

Cuddles with mama 

Ellie still LOVES bath time! She has 12 teeth now & her newest words are: binky, Bailey, help, down, up, hey, thank you, hungry, mine, no, stop, doggie, woof, moo, cow, bubbles, juice, milk, and she even said her name the other day. So cool! 

Jon headed up the Haul Road to do some caribou hunting. No luck this year but maybe next hear!

Ellie and her namesake, Eleanor Boehlke. Precious moments!!!

Playing at the park

Playing at the park last week. 

Happy 30th Birthday Jon!!!

We had a big party for Jon to celebrate that he is officially an old man :)

Opening presents with daddy

That smile just makes me smile!

Happy about ice cream cake! 

Smiles with Grandma & Grandpa on Daddy's birthday! 

Growing up!

Kaden can officially ride a bike without training wheels! Amazing how fast he is growing up!

Best friends with his dog, Bailey. 

Looking like such a big girl these days. 

Playing in the sandbox at school together. 

Best friends

Noah and his best friend, Lucy. This was her last day, as she is going to a different preschool now. Lucy and Noah love each other! 

Fun at the Fair - Part 4

Out of all of the yummy fair food, they picked ice cream with sprinkles!!!

Cheetos too! 

She was not afraid to dig in or get messy!!!

Fun at the Fair - Part 3

Riding ponies was the highlight of the night!!!

So proud! 

Kaden got the horse, which was much larger than the ponies. 

She wasn't scared at all! 

Giving the pony some hugs! 

Fun at the Fair - Part 2

More fun on rides! 
Kaden got to do bumper cars with dad. 

Going on the Ferris Wheel was a highlight! 

It was 84 degrees the evening we were at the fair! 

Checking out the sheep

Trying to play a fishing game to win a prize! 

A very large turkey that "PopPaw would like to shoot," according to Kaden. 

Fun at the Fair - part 1

The boys had a blast on the rides!!
Driving dump trucks 

Kaden was so proud!

Driving police helicopters!

Noah was scared to death of this ride last year, but this year, he had a blast!!!

August salmon dipnetting in Chitina

Jon went salmon fishing (dip netting) in Chitina in early August. 
Fishing on the shore 

Friends, Kayce & Nate dipnetting for salmon. 

Jon caught 14 salmon! 

Showing the kids the salmon filets 

Ellie's adventures!

Listening to a story at daycare 

Painting like a big girl 

Helping mama sweep up

More fun with paint at daycare 

Cupcake facial...purple is the icing & the black specks are the cake part. She did this all by herself :)