Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still on the road to recovery

Kaden continues to do well. Too busy today to get any pics uploaded. He is eating and drinking like a champ. The armboards are no longer slowing him down AT ALL!! He is up and down the stairs and couch. We saw the surgeon on Mon, who said he is doing great and healing wonderful. Thanks for all your prayers! Keep them coming! More pics and updates to come!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New words

A Winter Walk

Today was a fun day with much needed time outside and together as a family. Kaden LOVES being outside and loves going on the sled. Snapped some pics! Enjoy!!!

cute family, huh!

at creamer's field
sledding is fun!
beautiful trail we found!
sledding FAAAST is fun!
having a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mama helping kaden sled too!

Rocking the arm boards!!

Kaden got to drive with daddy today. Had a blast! You can see that his arm boards aren't slowing him down much! Such a trooper!!

driving it like he stole it! :0)

"you talking to me??" :0)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another good day...

Post surgery, we had another good day! Kaden and I spent the day at home, just hanging out. We had a fun visit from Grandma and some friends, the Boswoods, sent over a yummy lasagna for dinner.

Tonight when Jon got home, we all went for a sled ride and a walk downtown for a little while. Kaden LOVED being outside and was watching all the cars and trucks go by. He already is curious about the LOUD trucks! I guess that a boy for you.

He slept well last night and took his meds today like a champ. Today he ate prunes, applesauce, icecream, chocolate/vanilla/banana cream pudding and mashed potatoes for supper. He isn't drinking as much as usual still because he can't reach the sippy cup to his mouth because of the armboards.

Continue to keep him in your prayers. When I take the armboards off to bend and stretch his arms, he cries like it does hurt. And prayers for safety, as he cannot put anything in his mouth for the next two weeks. And for patience because taking care of a little dude who isn't feeling 100% is a chore for mommy.

Our walk in the snow...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy boy!

Even though Kaden isn't feeling 100%, he is getting close! Now that we are home from the hospital, I snapped some pics of him and all his goodies! Just some bruises from IVs and tape marks left on his face that will wash/wear off eventually. He doesn't look too bad!

with his froggy and balloon from aunt kajsa & aunt tabitha and their families

with all his goodies. balloons from his bff, caleb. stuffed monkey from my friend, dawn.

watching barney in his usual spot at home with his "get well" goodies

hanging out (or maybe just hanging on) to mama. his arm boards make him look like a football player!

walking around and checking to make sure everything is still in it's place!

Home safe!!

We are home safe from the hospital. Kaden slept 11pm-6am and SO DID MAMA & DADDY!!! Much needed rest. Kaden is off all narcotics, just taking Motrin for his pain. Since we got home, he has eaten some banana cream pudding and is drinking juice like a champ. Continue to pray for healing and safety. He will wear arm immobilizers for two weeks, which he isn't a fan of. But he is adaptable and seems to be making due so far.

Thanks for all the prayers. It is good to know he is home safe with us! Praise the Lord!!!


Thanks for everyone's prayers!! Kaden was born with a tiny hole in the roof of his mouth (called a cleft palate). We knew when he was about 1 year old, he would need to get it fixed. Well Monday, Feb 15th was that day. He had surgery to repair the cleft by a plastic surgeon (considered reconstructive surgery) and also had ear tubes put in (because the cleft was causing frequent ear infections).

Surgery went well. We spent the first night in the Pediatric ICU, just to be safe. Monday was a terrible day as I think that it is just tough to have a sick kid. But praise the Lord that "his mercies are new every morning" (Lamentations 3:22-23). Tuesday, Kaden was a new man and feeling much better. We transferred to Pediatrics on Tues morning and he has had a great day! We are hoping for a discharge to home tomorrow.

Continue to keep Kaden in your prayers. He needs to drink lots to stay hydrated!!! And pray for sleep and good rest for all of us.

Snapped some pics for him to look at someday...

in the PICU, shortly after he got back from surgery...

mama's boy, for sure. he was super swollen and miserable at first.

with grandma, sporting his armboards, monitors and iv

this morning, feeling MUCH better. you can see the safety stitch taped to his cheek.

on pediatrics...getting a run ride from grandma in the hallways...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New friends!

Our friends, Brad & Rebecca, had a little baby girl in late Decemeber named Sophia. We have been going out to visit about once a week. Finally this week, we snapped some pics of Kaden and baby Sophia. Kaden is learning to be gentle and Sophia is learning how to put up with a big kiddo always wanting to touch and love on her. Rebecca got some pics too so I will have to post more later. Kaden was giving her kisses! Too cute!!

isn't Sophia a beautiful little girl??