Friday, February 27, 2009

Jam Session

Had a good day today. Kaden had a dr. appointment this morning and the doctor was sick (guess they get sick too..haha) so we got to spend a quiet morning together. And mama got a morning nap with Kaden. Such a treat!

I'm making dinner and the boys are jamming in the living room. Kaden loves when Jon plays the guitar to him. So cute!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kaden's New Friend

Look at Kaden and his new friend!! We call him "Mr. Bug!"
We were quite blessed yesterday to get a package in the mail from some family friends, the Clounies. It was some great goodies for Kaden and my favorite was this stuffed animal. If you have seen 'A Bug's Life,' its the catapillar Heimleich who is quite funny. Anyway, I'm in love with it and Kaden seems to love playing with it too!! Since he has such a big name (Heimleich), we are sticking with "mr. bug."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deer Roast

When Jon got to go hunting in December 07, he got his first whitetail on Christmas day. Well, when my folks came up last March, they brought us his meat. We have eaten all of our favorite (the tender loin meat) but we have a few roasts left. So I just finished prepping a roast and in 8 hours, we will have some delicious deer meat to share with Jon's family. We are gonna take it over to his brother, Dan's, house tonight to share with them...with some green beans (Jon's favorite) and cornbread. Hope it all turns out good!!

Kaden has a dr. appointment today to followup for an ear infection that hasn't gone away. Pray that is gone and his ears look great!!

We had a spaghetti feast on Sunday after church to raise money for the youth to go to a conference in Anchorage in March. The youth did everything and it turned out great!! It was a bit exhausting and we had just enough food...but they raised somewhere around $500! Not bad for only having 40 people in attendance!

Prayer update: Our friends, Luke and Charity, who were staying with us in January and then had the baby who ended up flown to Anchorage were discharged from the hospital last week. They came in Friday night to visit and it was great to see little Stryder! He is so tiny! 7 lbs and 2 ounces at 3 weeks old. Kaden is 13 lbs+ these days, almost twice the size! Thanks for all your prayers. The baby is doing great!!

Also, just wanted to say that we have had a lot of answered prayers lately. So thanks for keeping us held up in your prayers!!

Well, Kaden has a poopy diaper (aren't you glad I shared that :0) so "mom duty" calls. More updates later!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hockey game...Go Nanooks!!!

Went to a hockey game with the youth tonight! Kaden loved all the action!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Kaden is sleeping on my lap right now. We are still teaching him how to nap in his crib. He napped 40 minutes in his crib this afternoon. Yea! And he's been sleeping in his bassinet at night for 1-4 hours, but he only slept once through the night so far. He also took a 35 minute nap at daycare on thursday. That is great for him! Between not being used to sleeping in a crib and the noise from the other kiddos, thats wonderful!

Snapped a few pics of Kaden playing on his back. He is starting to explore rolling. He can roll from his back to his side, but not onto his tummy yet. He will learn!!

Got cookies in the oven for youth tonight! Gotta go!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Growing up...

Thanks for the prayers! I worked my first nightshift on Sunday night at the hospital. I'm only working two a month to get some extra cash, but being away from the boys at night was a first. Kaden was up twice to eat (he has been sleeping through the night for over a month) so I think he noticed that mom wasn't around, but they did good. Today I am exhausted cuz kaden just took little naps today, and I never got a good nap in. But we have plans in the future for the Monday after I work Sunday night for Kaden to go to daycare for a few hours so mama can sleep...and so she will be a happy mama! :0)

Jon and Kaden are snoozing on the couch, the dishes are running in the dishwasher, the kitchen is all cleaned up, just took the trash out...time to watch Dirty Jobs with Jon, if he'll wake up. Took some pics of Kaden hanging out with his dad.

kaden is learning how to play on his tummy. this is his tummy surfboard!
daddy likes to surf too!
daddy doing his coyote call for kaden. he loves it!!
dad singing to kaden. he just smiles and kicks when jon plays the guitar!
talking on the phone with dad.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My naked Valentine!

Kaden finally likes the bath!! When I put him in the water, he always gets all wide eyed and looks frightened. But all it takes is a minute or two, and he is kicking and smiling. I finally got some bath pictures taken. Such a handsome little guy, even when he's naked!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well, after spending Valentine's day at work, bringing home the bacon... I came home to some lovely flowers! I love getting flowers!!! Jon did a good job! And I got Lindt chocolate truffles! I love Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Snowy Day

Sunday when we were driving around in Salcha, it was just so beautiful. A light snow was falling and all the trees were snow covered. My favorite! Oh and saw some little birdies at Jerry and Eleanors that were munching on some birdseed.
pretty little birdie

kaden sleeping along the way
at jon's folks homestead in salcha

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good news

Today was a good day. We had a good morning of worship, at church and then had lunch with Jon's folks, his brother and his neices. Then, we went to Jon's "adopted grandparents" for a visit. Jon and Jerry played the guitar and we visited with his grandma and her grandkids. The weather has been beautiful, 10 degrees to -10 degrees. For us in Alaska, that is great temperatures! Those are good temperatures to enjoy yourself outside.

Kaden has done great through my two days at work last week. He did good in daycare, meeting most of the teachers/helpers so far. Our favorite is a lady named Mariah, who has a 6 month old of her own. There are a set of 10 month old twin girls and a little boy named Liam, who seem to be around the most for him to play with. He doesn't nap much at daycare (probably watching everybody else cuz he loves to watch other kiddos play) but that just means he is taking great afternoon naps.

Our friend, Luke got in from Anchorage Sunday night. He is going back to work this week, while Charity is still in with the baby. Their baby boy, named Strider, is doing well. He is out of the sickest part of the baby ICU (I guess there is a "doing really bad" part of the ICU and a "doing pretty good" side of the ICU). He is off the breathing machine, just on some oxygen. Charity has been able to feed him without problems and they are anticipating going home in a week or two. Praise the Lord! For awhile, it was pretty touch and go and now, they will be celebrating having their little guy home soon! Thanks for all your prayers!!

Kaden got rid of the snots for awhile, but now that he is off his antibiotics, they are back. We have a follow up appointment with the doctor this week. Any prayers that his snots disappear are welcome!

Well, gotta get some laundry done. Thought I would post some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!
daddy and kaden
kaden needs to burp!
mama and her happy boy!
he loves to smile!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Laughing with Grandma!

Talking to Mama this morning!

We did it!!

We all made it through my first day back at work. Kaden was in the daycare at work from 7am-noon and did great! I was so nervous for him but they said he had a good first day. Hopefully more good days to come! My first day at work was challenging but good. I'm glad its over! I work again on Friday and then not again until Thursday :0) Then I'll be working Thursdays and Saturdays only. Should work out great!!

Jon's job has been going well. Seems like they are more busy this winter than they usually are. That means plenty of work for him and some overtime, which always helps.

Jon's mom picked up Kaden from daycare yesterday. She and my neice, Hailey, babysat him until I got home from work. Hailey loves baby Kaden and helps to take care of him really well! Kaden is lucky to have some many fun cousins here close by.

Continue to pray for our friends, the Walkers. We haven't heard an update but we will hopefully have one tonight. Thanks for all the prayers for my first day back at work. It is what helped us make it through!

me and johnny :0)
"what mom? the camera again??" talking to grandma
hanging with grandpa

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New camera!

Well, we broke down and bought a new camera. The other one was working but it was getting old and the quality of pics was harder and harder to control. Kaden will be a great test subject to try all the settings out on. He is talking all the time now, granted not intelligable words but I imagine he is saying "Wow, that is cool." or "I love you Mommy." I use my imagination.

You can keep us in your prayers. I go back to work tomorrow. I will only be working two shifts a week, but it is two shifts away from my baby. Jon's mom is doing some of the babysitting and so is Jon. But we also got into the daycare at work. It is very reputable and economical and a blessing that we got the call a week before I started to work. We were on the waiting list for a year!! So keep us in your prayers as we make this transition.

It is snowing here today, not much but just enough to be pretty out. We are having tacos for supper and going to Jon's folks house. We are bringing our new Dominoes that we got for Christmas to teach them how to play. Somehow before baby, we had a lot more time for games and such. But as he learns to entertain himself, we are getting to play more.

Well, I hear baby waking up. Will update more later. Enjoy the pics and the video!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Continue to pray for baby Walker. Luke called today from Anchorage and said the baby is doing a bit better, but he is still on the breathing machine. This is a pic of the kiddo last Friday, when he was born. Pray pray pray!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Prayer Request

The Walkers baby was put on life support last night and medivaced to Anchorage. Luke is driving down with Wrangall as we speak. Please keep their little guy in your prayers!