Monday, April 14, 2008

We are Pregnant!!

Good news to share with all. We are pregnant and expecting in late October. We are only 3 months along but so excited. My dad has been dying to tell for over a month and finally got to tell all our friends and family on Sunday that he is gonna be a grandpa again. Much nausea during the last 3 months but no throwing up, praise the Lord. We won't know if it is a little johnny or a little erika until later in the pregnancy, but we are thrilled to be expecting.

More news to come! We ask for your prayers for a safe pregnancy. Thanks for all the love and support already!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Weekend is almost here!

My last day at work this week and it is dragggin by! I will be glad when the day is over. We had our youth group last night and had a bonfire. We actually had 12 kids show up! It was awesome! The parking lot was very slushy but we did relays and played "Capture the Flag." We had hotdogs (which were great, always great outside at a campfire) and smores (which I love too!) So it was a fun night and we stayed out in Salcha late so I am tired today from staying up late.

The marriage conference begins tomorrow. I hope that it will be great!! Oh and pray for warm weather! Everything is trying to melt but it hasn't so far so it is just a big, slushy mess. The more that it melts, the sooner that spring will be here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I want Spring!!!

It snowed on Monday. For the love. Today it is in the 40s and everything is melthing and there are puddles everywhere. I want spring to come soon! Warm temps, flowers, birds (not frightening ones, just nice chirping ones). I also want fresh flowers on my table at the house. Feel free to tell my hubby to buy me some fresh roses anytime now :0) Haha.

Nothing to update today. Going home tonight to watch Big Brother on tv and then have tomorrow off. We are having a bonfire on Wed with the youth, hotdogs and smores. I can't wait!!

Praises: nice weather!!
Prayer Requests: our family, jon's job, youth group