Friday, December 26, 2008

I love the holidays!

I love the holidays because my hubby doesn't work and we just get to hang out! It is like a weekend every day! Today, Kaden slept in until 10am!!! It was wonderful! He woke up a hungry boy, but let mama go back to bed for a nap by 11am. So I am feeling great! Well rested, at the moment. We had a great day at home, just relaxing and catching up with household things. Then, Jon's folks came over for dinne. Jon made an apple chicken on the grill and we had pumpkin pie for dessert. Yum! I got the ornaments off the tree and got our christmas presents organized...just need to get them all put away. Hopefully soon! My goal for tomorrow is to pack up some stuff for our trip next week. Try to get something packed so that it isn't such a big task next week. We got another little bit of snow last night, enough to cover the car. I love winter! I love snow too! Gotta go get the checkbook balanced. Lets hope Christmas didn't damage our budget too bad!

hanging out with Kaden this morning, still in his xmas gear.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well, it is hard to believe that Christmas will be gone again with in the next few hours. We had a great time getting prepared for the special day. And we had a great Christmas! Last year, we were in Virginia with family, and Jon spent the morning hunting, killing his first deer. This year, we were woken up by baby early this morning to open presents and stockings. Both Jon and I made out well. We opted not to buy Kaden anything because I thought he would make out just fine with other folks giving to him. He was definitely blessed with gifts this Christmas!

After brunch at home, we went out to Jon's brother's house for dinner and presents. Dinner was great, and Kaden got a lot of great toys. He can't play with some of them just yet, but he is learning how to interact more and I think that he will be enjoying them before too long. Some of the presents were for the bath, which I hope that he will love someday soon. So far, he hates the bath. Screams every time. Oh well, he will get used to it!

Jon had today off and will not have to go back to work until Monday. So we are excited to spend the weekend together!! Just the three of us, me and my boys! On my list of things to do, take down the tree and pack up some of the Christmas decor. Also, get some of the gifts put away and catch up on cleaning. We are expecting our friends, Luke and Charity, next week so the house needs a once over. After the holidays, it probably needs more like and overhaul. The last thing that I'm gonna do is pack for Virginia! Being with family in Alaska for the holidays was blessing. But we are looking forward to seeing my family in VA and introducing our little man to all our family and friends! Can't wait!!

Before I go, some pictures. Kaden has many Christmas outfits so here are some pictures of that and some photos from Christmas day!

Kaden in his train Christmas outfit with his reindeer stocking

this is his new look, it says "what the heck?"

with mama in front of the Christmas tree

posing for a family pic at Jon's brother's house

mama, baby and cousin tristyn...she loves "Babykaden"

hanging with dad in his santa outfit

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is almost here!

Sunday is church

Life here continues to go well. Sunday was church, which was good. We had lunch with Jon's folks and his nieces. Then, Mama got a much needed nap and we had a relaxing evening at home. The christmas tree has been up for nearly a month now and is on its last leg...the needles are starting to really fall off but I took a snap shot before it kills over. :0)
Kaden wore one of his Christmas outfits to church on Sunday. He looked so cute!!

he loves reindeers! (or atleast his mom does!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday with Mama

Me and Kaden had a great Friday, just hanging out.

i tried to pick just one but i couldn't. he is so cute to his mama!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Time

Well, we finally got our Christmas picture taken! Having a kiddo around makes what was once a simple task become not so simple. But Kaden did a great job! You can see he was happy and smiling. And there is a pic of our Christmas tree, which turned out great too. I have most of the Christmas presents wrapped now, with about 10 boxes to be shipped to the lower 48 later today. And then, I will finish up the rest and get the rest of the goodies for the AK folks. Also on my list of "to dos," is our Christmas letter to go in our Christmas cards, which should hopefully go out before the weekend. Maybe they will even make it to all the folks down south by Xmas. If not, it will be close. :0) We tried!

Mama and Kaden, he was a happy boy!

Our Christmas picture, us three in front of the tree

Daddy and his little man

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Christmas elf, baby Kaden

taken today 12/12/08

my little christmas elf

not a huge fan of the picture taking at this point

mama and kaden

our 1st attempt at a video

Handsome man

A few pics from this week!

hanging out with smiles for dad

Good times, Good friends

Finally got some pictures uploaded from our visit with Daisy, Anthony and Caleb last weekend. Caleb is two months old and has much more hair than Kaden. We had fun with the boys and just visiting. The boys were on opposite eating and awake schedules most of the weekend but we finally snapped a pic of them together at church.

daisy, me and the boys

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cutie Pie!

So I took some more pics this weekend. Didn't get the Xmas decor or pictures from our visit with Daisy and Anthony uploaded yet, but I got a few of the kiddo. This first one looks like Kaden's cousin, Brady to me. They are both cuties!

my new pair of overalls from mama

let me eat dad (he was in the middle of eating while i was picture taking)

hello world!

he loves his tongue! and his john deeres!

he likes john deere like his daddy

breakfast of champions

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cold days

It is definitely winter here! On Wednesday, it was about -20 degrees, which means that winter is here full blast. We have been enjoying warmer temps this week, which means about 10-20 degrees above zero. The days are long, with sunrise around 10:30am and sunset around 3:00pm. We have approximately 5 hours of daylight right now and we are losing 3-4 minutes of sunlight daily until Dec 21st. But there in lies the hope! As of 12/21, we start gaining 3-5 minutes of sunlight each day. Thankfully, I'm always awake during the days and it is so pretty out, with everything covered in snow. I should take some pictures!!

Speaking of pictures, no updated baby pic today. My mother-in-law is over with me, watching baby so that I can clean up around the house and get some Christmas decorating done. We got our Christmas tree put up last night and I have about 3/4 of my decorating done. There are even some wrapped presents under the tree!! It is nice to have an uninterupted length of time to get just "stuff" done. Kaden is a cuddle bug, which we love! The only downfall being that he likes to keep my hands occupied holding him, not keeping up with chores around the house. But I got a sling to plop him into around my neck so we will have a "moms hands free" system soon.

Kaden was weighed today and he is up to 8 lb 13 oz. He will likely be 9 lbs by his 1 month check up. He has gained nearly a pound since birth and it seems like I can tell it. He has chubby cheeks that are very lovable.

We had a great visit with Luke and Charity last weekend. We also got to see Don and Millie Ressler, who were in to visit some friends in Fairbanks. They got to meet baby and Millie got to hold him. Seems like they are both doing well, keeping busy as usual. It was great to see them! Anthony and Daisy, our friends from Glennallen, are on their way up as I type to spend the weekend with us. They have a little guy, Caleb, who is 2 months old this week! It will be exciting to introduce the little ones to each other, although it might not be as memorable to them as it is to us.

Well, I hear Kaden stirring (he was sleeping with Grandma) so I'm gonna keep moving to get stuff done. It will be time for him to eat again soon. More updates and pics to come!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The many faces of baby Kaden

So our little guy already has quite a personality! I snapped a few pics this morning of him and me playing together after he ate!

now he has a nice full tummy!

he loves his tongue!

hi mama! i am learning how to smile!

biggggggggg yawns!

kaden is a happy boy!

he likes talking to mama!

and now hes had it with the photo session...