Friday, January 30, 2009


Please keep our friends, the Walkers, in your prayers. They are the folks who have been staying with us. She had the baby today and both she and the baby are struggling with some pretty serious physical problems.

Please pray for mama and the baby, for healing. Pray for dad as he supports them. Pray for us as we play auntie and uncle to Wrangall for the weekend. Check out for updates.

Thanks for all the prayers.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun with Grandpa

It is snowing here tonight!! Only 1-3 inches supposed to accumulate. But its beautiful out! Everything is snow covered, my favorite!! Today was busy. I had a computer class at work this afternoon so Jon's mom came over to watch the kiddo. The class got out early so I went to the post office, the library to pick up tax forms, the bank, the grocery store and the business office at the hospital. We still have company and Jon's mom and brother, Matt (whose fam lives in texas while he is up here working) all came over for dinner tonight. I made a deer roast, and it was tasty!! Anyway, it was a good day all around.

Oh and last night, Kaden got to hang out with grandma and grandpa. Kaden loves hanging out with them!! See him and Grandpa Grant hanging out below!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two posts in one day!

We went to Jon's brother, Dan's house last night to visit. His girls just looooove Kaden. First question when we walk in the door, "where is kaden?" Second question, "can i hold him?" So he was a good boy and played with his cousins, cooing at them. And each one got a chance to hold him. They did great!!

Hanging out

Kaden got a new seat this week. His new bestfriends are Tigger and Pooh. He loves looking at them and hanging out. He coos at them and this morning, he had the hiccups!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A fun Sunday

Some fun pictures to share! First, a pic of me and Kaden after his bath tonight!

Jon and Grandpa Boelhke playing guitar this afternoon

We have had a good weekend, just hanging around the house with our company. Today was church, which was good. I hadn't been since the Christmas Eve service so I was glad to see everyone. All were surprised at how Kaden has grown and how expressive he is. He loves to smile and he actually laughed this week!!! He is getting to be more and more fun each and every day.
We had lunch with Jon's folks, which was a good time to catch up. Then, we all went over to Jon's adopted "grandparents," who have always been like family to Jon. Jon and Grandpa Boehlke played guitar and sang together, while us women folk visited with the baby. Kaden was laughing and playing with Grandma Boehlke really good!

Oh and tonight was Kaden's bath night. Jon helped for the first time. Usually it is a mama and Kaden activity. But we had a "family" bath and Kaden didn't even more than fuss this time. He is becoming such a big man. Enjoy the pictures!

smiling and laughing with Grandma Boehlke

Wrangall, Charity and Luke's little guy...our "toy" tester (he plays with all the toys that Kaden can't play with just yet)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in the groove

Life here in Fairbanks is nearly back to normal. The only adjustment is that Kaden is still wanting to be on east coast time (at night). But we are spacing out the time difference a little more each night. Hopefully it won't take too long to get back to a normal schedule.

You can be praying for Kaden. His ears looked good before we flew, no ear infection just a cold. On his 2 month appointment on Thursday, his ears looked "suspicious" for an infection. And today, he has another check up to see how hes doing. Pray that this cold or ear infection or whatever it is goes away asap! I'm tired of him having to be a little "snot machine."

Jon has been at work since Wednesday. I know, we get in at 1am on Wednesday and he is back at work that morning. I was glad to be home that morning, even though it was quite interrupted by the kiddo's eating schedule. Our friend, Charity and her son, Wrangall got in that night. She is expecting next month and staying at our place until she delivers. Her husband, Luke, arrived Thursday night and him and Jon are good buddies. So thus the hunting talk and outdoor channel watching is at its peak with two hunters in the house. Wrangall just turned 2 years old and he is a trip. He helps me with the baby (no really, he can throw dirty diapers away...that is a skill) and he does great with Kaden. Since his mommy is having a baby soon, I figure this is good practice for when he is a big brother!

Well not to get into details, but I smell Kaden's dirty diaper. Welcome to the life of a mom! Oh and a few pics below!!

on the plane trip home...

cute naked baby

cooing at his mormor

" verry verry quiet. i'm a baby"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Well after a wonderful visit to Virginia, we are finally home! We had an awesome trip and it was great to see so many friends and family. We had safe flights and no traveling problems. Kaden even flirted with a ticket agent and we didn't have to pay the fee for our overweight luggage! It was 5 degrees in Fairbanks when we landed last night. Welcome back to the coooold winter in AK. A longer update later cuz dinner is in the oven. But here are a few pics!!

me and jon on a date at braley pond, one of my most favorite places in va

me, jon and my sisters at our open house in pa

cousins!! kaden and brady!

me, kaden and his great-grandparents, mom & pap sites

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last moments in Virginia

Our trip to Virginia is coming to an end. We fly out tomorrow from Washington D.C. to Denver. Then, Tuesday we fly from Denver to Fairbanks. We have had a wonderful visit and are sad to be leaving family and friends down south. But we are excited to be home in AK again. Pictures and stories to come!

Keep us in your prayers as we are traveling cross country in the next few days! Virginia, we will miss you!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Jon went hunting today with my dad, bro-in-law tim and sonny. they got pheasants and chuckers!!

Christmas in Virginia

Believe it or not, our family in Virginia waited to open Christms presents until we arrived! So on Monday night, we had a Christmas feast for dinner and opened gifts. More pictures to come but got some uploaded already! It was a great night! And we got lots of great gifts! Plus everyone loved the gifts that we got them, which was great! Being with family is such a treat!!

poppy with his two grandsons, brady and kaden

kaden slept right through christmas present opening

me and my sisters and my grandma anderson

brady is 18 months and had a blast opening gifts

Baby Shower time!!

On Sunday, my sisters and mom had a baby shower for me and Kaden. We had a great time of fellowship with friends from our church family. Kaden got clothes, socks, books, toys, diapers, wipes and some giftcards and $$. We are looking forward to buying some fun clothes or toys for him with the gifts. Also, we are excited to have some of the costs of necessities (like diapers, etc) covered for awhile.

We played two games. The first was a 12 question quiz about Kaden. The winner got ten questions right!! The second game was 7 diapers "dirty" with different melted candy bars. So you had to smell them and look at them to tell which candy bar poo was which. The ladies thought this was hilarious, and we all had a great time. The best part was being there with Kaden and showing him off to all our lady friends!

with my friend, Rebecca, and the cake

mama and kaden

with my sisters and the baby

with my grandma anderson and the baby

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow in Virginia

baby Kaden sitting on mama's lap

hanging out with mama, always taking pictures!

sitting with poppy, meeting butternut (one of my folks three dogs)

visiting with my friends, rebecca and rebekah (i know, its confusing!)

...So we woke up to snow on the ground this morning! Yea!! I love snow and it was quite a treat; although there was less than an inch. And it was gone by lunch time. But it was nice while it lasted.

Our visit here has been great thus far. We had a good weekend, seeing lots of friends and family. Monday was a fun day as we drove to Richmond, VA to visit my sister, Tabitha. We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory (one of my favs) and did some shopping (don't tell Jon...haha). Tuesday was a nice day to spend mostly at home, but I was able to have dinner with my folks and visit a friend from church. Wednesday was roadtrip day, as my mom and I drove with the baby to Lynchburg, VA to visit some friends from college. We had good, safe travels and had a good day visiting. Today has been a catch up day, although we did fit one visit in. There are some many friends and family to see, it is overwhelming. I won't get time to visit with everyone--one on one--but seeing so many folks at church was a treat. And my sisters and mom are throwing me and Kaden a baby shower this Sunday, so we'll get to see some more friends!

We miss Jon and he arrives Saturday. Pray for traveling mercies. Also, my entire family has been passing around a gastrointestinal bug so pray that the baby doesn't get it. And that we don't either!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun times with family!

hanging with mama

aunt tabitha feeding kaden

hanging with aunt kajsa and cousin brady

kaden with great-grandma anderson, my mom's mother

kaden with his mormor (means mother's mother in swedish)

kaden loves hanging out with his poppy, my dad

with my sister, kajsa and her family

hanging with aunt kajsa and cousin brady

at applebees, when we arrived in virginia

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kaden playing with me at 4am, when he woke mama up to eat. :0)

So life in Virginia is going well. My bestfriend, Rebekah, came over today and visited with us. Kaden is doing good, adapting to life in a new house. The biggest difference for him is the time difference. At home, he has been sleeping 12-8 for me mostly. Here, he is sleeping about 5am-12pm. So he is sleeping more than 6 hours at a time at night but just on AK time. So hopefully we will get adjusted and mama won't have an early morning feeding. But that said, only getting up for one feeding and getting to sleep in is a treat. I think I was blessed with a wonderful baby!

Tomorrow's plan is to visit my friend, Rebecca and spend some more time with family. Kaden's only cousin on my side of the family, Brady, thinks Kaden is great. He is 18 mo and only has to be reminded to be gentle. Kaden is rather breakable compared to his usual toys. I will have to get a picture of the two of them online.

Still -40 in Ak according to Jon. Hopefully the coldest weather will be over once it is time for us to return to AK. Gotta go feed that kiddo and hopefully go to bed soon! This mama is tired!! :0)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Safe in Virginia

After an uneventful day full of flights, Kaden and I arrived safely in Virginia. We left Fairbanks around 1:30am on the 31st and arrived via Seattle into Washington, DC about 5pm. After a yummy dinner at Applebees (we don't have one, so it was quite a treat), we headed home. We made it home about 10pm. Kaden slept well for me last night, only it was on alaska time. So he slept from midnight-3am and then 5am-12pm. But I was just glad to get whatever sleep possible!! We had a nice visit with family friends, Lucy and Bernie, today. Then, my sisters and Grandma came over for pizza from The Hut. After a Walmart run, we are home now. I am tired and ready for bed. We'll see how the little guy sleeps tonight.

Jon enjoyed having today off (with it being the 1st). Our friends, Luke and Charity and their son Wrangall, are up visiting on their way home from a trip to PA. So he stayed up to pick them up from the airport and visit last night. Then he slept in today and is having dinner with his folks. Hopefully he doesn't starve while I'm gone. Haha.

More pictures to come. Oh and when I left AK, it was -42 degrees and it has been in the 30s since I arrived in VA. Can you believe a 60 degree difference in one day! Kinda weird huh.

More updates soon!