Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Concert at the Fair!

We drove down to the fair in Palmer for a Michael W Smith concert this week. It was a great outdoor show--and God answered our prayers and gave us a sprinkle free 1.5 hour concert!! (It seriously rained all day, until about 1 hour before showtime). Thankful for the opportunity, the worship and the great experience for our entire family--and Grandma!!!

Ticket to prove that it was in fact MWS! Not close enough to get good pics but loved the concert! 

Sometimes life comes full circle. Have loved MWS since middle school. Seen him in concert in Va countless times over the years. Met him once (early 2000s). Now I'm seeing him in concert with my kids!! Amazing how his music and lyrics remain relevant and enjoyable still today. 

Hard to keep a serious face when you are having fun!!! 

"Concerts make me tired, Mom."

P.S. Yes Noah and Grandma were there, just didn't get any pics of them!! I was busy singing! :)

Lunch memories in Denali

Roadtrip this week to Palmer for the Alaska State Fair. It was a long trip down from Fairbanks for the kids (and subsequently us!!) :) 

We stopped in Denali National Park for lunch on the drive down. 

Thankful to have Grandma come with us!

"Roar!!" Noah was being a bear! 

Love of my life. Couldn't think of anyone else that I would rather be sharing my life with!!!

P.S. In the park, we saw a few moose and sheep--all very far away but the kids were still excited. Without any passes, you can drive 13 miles into the park to Savage River and picnic/hike. These pics were taken at Savage River. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

First day of kindergarden!!!

First day of kindergarten for Kaden!!! He was thrilled to go! He picked out his new backpack & his lunchbox.

Kaden pointing at his new school, Fairhill Christian School. It was a foggy morning on Aug 20th!!

Thankful for Grandma's support on his first day too!!!

Mommy will miss him!!

Noah was just as excited too! (He dressed himself, can you tell?)

Glad that Kaden's preschool buddy, Jonas, is in his kindergarden class!!

Cookout at Chena Lakes

Our friends, John and Shay, came up from Anchorage to visit us this past weekend. We had a lovely visit and a great cookout at Chena Lakes!! 

Loving the campfire!!
Eating our cookout goodies.

Our princess.

We certainly know how be silly together!!!

Noah is big enough to roast his own marshmallows now!!

Family selfies are hard :) But we tried!!

Shay and her new pup, Miss Liberty.

A day at Chena Lakes

A few mornings of fun with friends at Chena Lakes these last two weeks.

Ellie & her best buddy, Paul

Splashing is their favorite!

Some more fun milestones!!

Some more fun pics...

Milkshake of his choice on his preschool graduation day :) 

Kaden was so proud to get his own library card!!

Officially the last day of preschool! Growing up fast!! 

Preschool graduation!

Kaden had his preschool graduation on Aug 7th. He was so proud!! As were we!!!

Lots of friends and his teacher, Ms. Penny.

Blessed to have Grandma there to celebrate with us! 

Proud mommy!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy girl

Riding the 4wheeler with her Daddy. It makes her so happy. :)

Hospital Picnic!!

Family fun day at our hospital picnic. Lots of silly memories!! Only thing missing was Daddy. (he had to work)

We also had time for a ride on the train. 

And the merry go round...