Thursday, August 28, 2008

32 Weeks pregnant

Another update with some pics while i'm online. Got a good pic of me and johnny this sunday at church. it is almost fall here and some of the leaves are changing! can you believe it!!

another shot of us, smiling cuz we are loving the warm weather of summer

and here it is, the 32 week preggo pic. i feel so large lately. but i guess that 8 mo pregnant will do that to you. due date is still october 25 but the baby is measuring a little big. no diabetes for mom so we will just pray for a safe delivery!

and some more fun. my bff from college, kelly, was in this past weekend for my baby shower and it was great!! we had a fun time catching up. it had been a year!!

Summer memories

for some reason, Jon's parents computer is acting ghetto. or maybe it's the operator, but i uploaded some pics for ya. the first is of me at my baby shower. ahhh, good times! the baby got a lot of great things. and we had like 30 ladies there! what a treat!!

then there is me and johnny on our youth camping trip. we took the kids from the youth group out to quartz lake. we spent a sat-sun night out there and had a blast. the kids went hiking and saw fresh bear scat (i.e. poop) and we went fishing (didn't catch a thing!) we stayed in tents (i slept on an air mattress because yes, i am a princess!) and we had great food. hotdogs, hamburgers, smores, mac cheese, beans and then pancakes and eggs for breakfast that jon whipped up on our coleman grill. it was a wonderful trip. more pics to come!!

then finally, a picture of my beautiful sis on her wedding day. this is a great shot of tab and her ringbearer (my nephew, brady, who is the cutest) and the flowergirl. they were all so cute. and tabitha made a beautiful bride!! our visit to virginia was great. we spent much time getting ready for the wedding. jon was an usher and i was tab's personal assistant (i.e. beautiful gopher, extraordonaire) and after the wedding fun, we went to va beach. it was a wonderful visit home! and we loved seeing my family again!