Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4 Wheeling fun

We all had a blast outside last night. The boys were having a ton of fun riding the 4 wheeler together. Combined they are 55 lbs! That poor little 4wheeler was squeeling to get up the incline of the yard. It is amazing to see how great the boys are playing together. Lots of rough & tumble moments, but so many fun "playing together" times already. Makes this mommy smile :)

4 wheeling fun!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

August pictures

ma & pa farmer

two peas in a pod

riding the train at the fair

helping dad mow the yard

aug 26 - hanging in their room

The things 2 1/2 year olds do

August update

I can't believe that I last posted in February!!! Here is an up-to-date picture of our family. Noah is 10 months old and Kaden is 2 1/2. Birthdays will be here soon as will autumn. We are not quite ready for winter, but cooler temperatures mean moose hunting season so Jon is all aglow.

A brief update...

Jon is working at F'banks Memorial Hospital as the grounds keeper since late May. He is enjoying the autonomy of the job and the variety of tasks that he gets to do. Like I mentioned, he is anticipating moose hunting season, which begins this weekend. He has really enjoyed taking Kaden to some car races this summer, including a demolition derby. They also did some fishing, but didn't have much luck catching.

I am still working at FMH as 1/2 time ICU staff RN and 1/2 time ICU RN Manager. I enjoy the balanace of work and family life, and I feel truly blessed to be able to work only 10 days/month. The boys keep me SO busy these days, and I am always playing catch up with laundry, dishes & little projects.

Kaden is 2 1/2 and nearly potty trained. He still has trouble pooping in the potty so he has a few accidents a week, but overall, he is doing great. He potty trained him by letting him pee "on the trees & rocks" outside this summer. It was country but it worked :) Kaden loves daycare, which we call "school" and he goes twice a week. He has lots of "friends" and gravitates to the girls. Isn't that funny? He is very talkative and has learned how to ask "why" about a million times a day!

Noah isn't a baby anymore! He is transitioning from formula to a bottle, baby food to table food & from crawling to walking. He can push his walk-a-long toy but he isn't quite up to walking independently yet. I think that it will come very soon, as he can navigate the house quite well already. He learned how to wave this month and we are working on blowing kisses. He is a mild tempered kiddo and his smile melts his mommy's heart.

Baby #3 will arrive in February. Our lives seem to be full of unexpected twists and turns the past few years and this was the biggest twist of all. We hope that September's ultrasound will give us the "girl vs boy" answer. We are hoping for pink! But we are excited for a healthy, final addition to our family regardless of gender. God is good and full of surprises for us.

Summer was good and busy. We have made the most of our 20+ hours of of sunlight during these long summer days. Fall is already upon us, with the leaves starting to change yellow and the overnight temps hitting the 40s. We are hoping for lots of moose meat to process & eat. And, we are looking forward to a visit from my mom sometime this fall.

Time is flying and with no internet access at home, I have to rely on spotty access either at work or at friends. Miss you all.