Monday, June 30, 2008

23 weeks and counting

Woah, can you believe that it is nearly July?!?! Last July had a lot of exciting things in it. It is my birthday month (the 13th) and the month that we got married (14th) and the month that I moved back to Alaska (24th). It is hard to believe that we have been married nearly a year now. When I look back, I see how God has totally provided and challenged us. We are so happy together, and I'm excited for this coming year too!

Sunday, we had church and then went to Harding Lake with the youth group kids. We had a great cookout and the kids all went swimming. Jon went out swimming (in his clothes!!) cuz he had a change with him but I just sat on the shore. It was a beautiful day! We had such a great time with the youth and just being outside.

Today was my day off. I got some errands done and we had dinner with Jon's folks. Tonight there is a make-up softball game so pray Jon's team wins. I'm working the rest of the week and then we'll have the holiday weekend off. I hope we go camping!

Update on baby, my visit with the doctor last week went well. Baby's heartrate is still good and strong. The doctor did want a follow up ultrasound to check on the baby's growth. It is measuring a due date of Nov 1 at the last visit. So good news, we are having an ultrasound on July 15th! So yea!! Pray the baby shows us whether it is a boy or a girl. Or pray that the Lord keeps us happy parents not knowing until October.

More updates to come! We love you all! Email anytime at

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ultrasound, Finally!

Well, an update finally arrives! I'm at work today so my mom is updating my blog for anyone who looks at it. We had our ultrasound yesterday and good news, we have a healthy baby!! All the measurements were great and the baby weighs 13 ounces, just shy of a lb. -- which is a just perfect weight. Oh and the baby was kicking during the test too. And we even got to see it yawn. It was awesome!!

The baby has its legs crossed and the cord was going down inbetween the legs, so the tech wouldn't even guess what it was. She said, "Your guess is as good as mine." So it remains a mystery if we have a baby boy or a baby girl. We wanted to know but, apparently the baby --- and perhaps the Lord --- have other plans. The best part, we get to mull over and think about a girl's and a boy's name! And for the planner in me, I like that part.

So bring on the yellow and green baby goodies! I'm not a huge fan of either, but there will be plenty of time to get the pinks or the blues after baby is born. Thanks for all prayers! More updates to come as soon as we get one.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

20 weeks and counting

We are finally at the 20 week mark, 1/2 way through the pregnancy. After church on Sunday, I took a pregnant belly picture cuz I'm just starting to show. We will have the ultrasound in a week, which is so exciting! I can't wait!! I have had a few "flutters" in my tummy so far, which I'm 99% sure are the baby...but give it another week or two...and there should be no question. Jon will even be able to feel it soon too!

...20 weeks pregnant and counting...

...i'm gonna be a mommy!

I had a good sleep yesterday and I got up in time to go grab coffee with Daisy. Our favorite place in town (the only place in town) that serves great coffee, smoothies and icecream, named "The Fishing Widow," was closed so we headed up to the Princess Lodge and found us some. I got to work with a few patients here but since earlier, it has been quiet. I have enjoyed downloading some pictures and enjoying my endless free time on the computer.

I haven't updated with praises and prayer concerns lately so I think that I will...

Praises: safe trip to Glennallen, safety for me & baby, finding a new place that is great!, good fellowship with friends lately.

Prayer Requests: my grandma (going through cancer treatments), my sister, Tab (as she makes marriage preparations), the pregnancy/baby, the ultrasound goes well, safe travels home, the Glennallen community, youth group kids

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in Glennallen

After a great morning of worship at church, I'm down in Glennallen now working the nightshift. Makes for a long day! But I'm doing great so far. Of course, I have been here 1 hour and I have 11 more to go. :0) Hopefully it wll be a quiet night. There are over a dozen charts to audit and a patient room to clean up. There is SMP training this week, so the clinic needs a few extra hands. It suited for me to work three nightshifts to help out so here I am!!

I worked on Thurs-Fri, which were both busy days. We got some more unpacking done at the house after work and then watched "Beowulf." I'm not into animated movies that want you to believe that they are real. But all that said, I didn't hate the movie. More of a guy movie, for sure. And someone told Jon it was better than 300. Definitely not.

On Saturday, we slept in (praise the Lord, I'm all about sleep these days) and then got some cleaning and unpacking done around the house. We met Jon's folks and his brother, Matt, in Delta, AK (where his bro is working right now) and visited with them while they finished dinner. And then Jon and I went with Matt to Quartz Lake to go fishing. I would just like to say, I have a AK fishing license now. Don't be jealous. :0)So first we were fishing off this little dock. It wasn't going so well and no fish were biting. So Matt asked these local folks if we could rent on of their little putt putt boats. So us three headed out into the lake in the boat. For those of you who don't know, I'm not a huge fan of boats. Too fast and folks driving them tend to be the evil kinivel type. Well, fortunately for me, the motor was from the WWII era so we didn't putt very fast. And we didn't catch any fish :0( But we had a good time. Saw three mooses on the shore and an eagle while we were fishing. And actually saw fish jumping all around in the water near us, but alas, not one bit. We saw a bull moose on the way home and saw 8 mooses total on our trip down.

...Jon and his brother, Matt, getting their fishing on...

...jon out on the boat fishing... and matt fishing our little hearts out...

My trip to Glennallen today was uneventful, but beautiful. Still much snow in the mountains but beautiful and green on the drive down. I really like spring! Time to get back to work! Another update soon!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spring in June

Spring has finally arrived to Alaska. It seems like forever since it has been "green" outside, but the leaves are on the trees now. And I planted some flowers this week. Jon and I have been loving being outside, hiking in Tok two weekends ago and we are planning on going fishing this weekend. Hope I get a big one!! and jon before we went hiking. can you tell it was chilly out??

...luke, wrangall and charity before we started hiking...

Our little baby is growing inside of me. We will be 20 weeks on Sunday, which makes us 1/2 way through the pregnancy. Can you believe it? We have heard the heartbeat on several occasions, and the doctor always says that it sounds strong. We have an ultrasound on June 16th, which will be the highlight of this month. And the doctor says I should be able to feel the baby any day now! I wish he would kick me harder so Jon and I could both feel it. It will just take some more time, which will be okay with me.

Some good news! We are planning a late July visit home to Virginia. It will be way too short but I am excited to see my grandparents, my newphew Brady (who turns 1 at the end of this month, can you believe it!) and my family. Oh and all my friends too! It has only been since December since we've been home, but it's been too long already :0)

Another bit of news, we have spent the last two weeks moving from our place in North Pole to our new place in Fairbanks (hence, the lack of updates). We are living in a townhouse in Fairbanks, only 5 minutes from where we both work and close to all the great things in life, like Walmart and Starbucks. I have yet to finish unpacking or get it feeling like "home" but it is a great new space and we are really enjoying it.

Other than that, life goes on. We are both liking our jobs, keeping us each busy. Jon is asst. coaching the church softball team so he is playing games about twice a week. I am there cheering and trying to survive the mosquitos! We took a break from weekly youth group this summer, opting for a bi-monthly activity schedule instead. It should be a welcome break for us to get some travling done and give us extra time to be outside and together...before we are a family of THREE this fall.

Thanks for all the prayers! Our main prayer concern is the pregnancy. It has been going well but we want our little one to come safely in October. Also, if you think of it, I will be off work for three months after the baby is born so pray that we can make wise financial decisions even now, preparing to be a one-income family for awhile. Miss you all!!!!!!!