Saturday, December 29, 2007

Home in Alaska

After a wonderful trip to Virginia for Christmas, we got home to Fairbanks late Wednesday night. We barely made our connection in Seattle (12 minutes to spare) and our luggage didn't make it so we picked it up the next morning.

Jon got a gun from my dad for Christmas, which he was very excited about. It is a 45-70, or as Jon says, "A good moose hunting gun." It made it safely home on the plane too. After sleeping in most of the morning on Thursday, we got up and cleaned house. I put all the Christmas decorations away and took all the ornaments off the three. Then, Jon took the tree outside. It lived for over a month in our house! Talk about a hardy Alaskan tree, huh. We put up a new desk in the spare bedroom and I also did some laundry. Then we picked up our luggage and went to his brother's house to visit for a bit.

Back to the grind of working for us both on Friday. I had a good day, busy and had good patients. We went Friday night and saw "National Treasure," which was good. Then time for bed cuz 0530 would come early this morning!! Work today has been slow so I've been working on youth group activities and planning for the spring. I am scheduled to work tomorrow but we are praying that I get the day off due to low census so I can go to church and visit with his folks. Hope that it happens!!

Praises: safe trip home, great visit in VA, great times with family & friends, a clean house!
Prayer Requests: our jobs, youth group, safe travel, our families

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A True Christmas Present!

So merry christmas everyone!! Jon went hunting this morning and finally had success, a 6 point Virginia whitetail buck!! Woo hoo! After much hunting this past weekend and many prayers, he was able to kill the buck with one shot this morning around 9am. He and my dad are out skinning it right now.

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

we are in virginia! that is the good news!! we had a long trip home, two flights to get through, with some excitement but those stories are to come. had a lovely dinner at chili's with the folks and then headed home. it is nearly 11pm now and we are headed over to kajsa and tim's to spend the night. i hope that we get a good night sleep cuz jon is getting up at 530 to go hunting. PRAY FOR A BIG ONE!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a praise for the little things, *ehem* or the kinda big things!! after much $$ and praying, jon was able to get a new tool box for work. it is much bigger than his other one (he will trade that one in to get some credit toward the cost of this one) and it will help him keep his tools together and easy to get at. he is very excited and it came today, kind of an early xmas present.

just thought i would share a pic!

Monday, December 17, 2007


the weather here is getting chilly and it snowed three times last week! not too much at a time but just enough to make it look magical and snowy outside. jon took me snowmachining and we had a blast. you can tell by my bright red cheeks that it was cold outside!

me and the hubby on the john deere snowmachine

a cool pic that i snapped of jon going super fast (too fast!!)

going around and up on the snowbank. woah!

me smiling but kinda scared cuz that thing can go fast!!

my johnny on his john deere!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

North Pole in Ice

check out our pictures from the week! luke and charity came in to visit us on wed and thurs. on thurs night, we had a steak dinner and steamed king crab legs. it was quite good! aftewards, we all went down to the north pole ice festival. we had a great time! there were lots of ice figures and an ice slide that we all went down and an ice tunnel that luke took wrangall through. but i will tell you, it was cold!!
me and jon posing at the front of the festival...
me and the walkers, wrangall is bundled up in luke's jacket to stay warm...
at the end of the ice slide, it was awesome!
me and johnny in front of one of the statues
the winning sculpture, with the walkers too!


We had the pleasure to keep our neices for the weekend while their folks were out of town. they kept us on our toes!! Friday, we picked them up and watched "ELF" together with some popcorn. We kept them up late so they would sleep in for us in the morning. On Saturday, we had breakfast and then the big girls and me did some crafts. We went to the new McDonalds and had happy meals and they played on the toys for over an hour. We also got ice cream, which the girls thought was quite a treat. We took them to church on Sunday and had lunch at the local diner with Jon's folks and the kids. We got home for an afternoon nap and then did dinner. Then about 745 we headed home, EXHAUSTED!! Got some pictures though!

picture of my too cute neice, tristyn, with her little snow baby

me and megan and samantha, waiting for jon in the truck

all three girls, telling me that they love us!