Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Virginia Visit

Wow! I can't believe that my trip to Virginia ends today. It has been a great time. Jon and I flew separately because he couldn't get as much time off work but all our flights went well. Tabitha and Courtney's wedding went great. They got hitched on Saturday (pictures to come!) and after church on Sunday, the rest of the family headed to Virginia Beach. I took a few pics of my nephew, Brady, at the beach.

...with great grandma anderson, bathing in the sun...

...playing with his favorite, the remote!!
The beach has been great! Riding the waves was a hit with the fellas and I just loved getting some sun. Me and Jon are both kinda burnt but we made out good. We also had steak and crab on Sun night and then steamed shrimp on Mon night. Jon left yesterday afternoon and is at work this morning (poor guy!) I'm headed to Richmond to meet Tab & Courtney for dinner and then they are taking me to the airport at like 4am tomorrow morning, ugg. I hate flying but atleast I'll be home by tomorrow night.
I work Thurs, Fri and Sat and it will be a rude awakening from the relaxing time at home. We stayed busy but it was good to be with family. More pictures and updates to come!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Trip to Virginia!

I can't wait for our visit to Virginia!! Only two more days to go!!! It has been in the 60s here so I will miss that. I'm not looking forward to the humid weather, yuk. But seeing family and friends is going to be great. Busy working until it is time to go. I leave at 9am on Wed and get into Churchville around 2am Wed night. So pray for safe travels!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More news!

So more exciting news, after finding out our little one is a boy, we have decided on a name. Unless we have a surprise (i.e. a delivery of a baby girl), we are naming our handsome man...

Kaden Allen Grant

It is seeming more and more real each day that we are having a baby. He kicks all the time and Jon is forever talking to my tummy and poking my tummy to try and make him move. I have been feeling great. No nausea and great appetite. I have only gained 5 lbs so far, which is a blessing.

This weekend will be a busy one. I'm working Thurs, Fri and then Sun, Mon, Tues. My flight for Virginia leaves Wednesday morning and I arrive in Richmond on Wed night around midnight. We will drive home to Churchville and the fun begins on Thurs. I'm having lunch with some girlfriends and then Tab's bachelorette party. Friday and Saturday will be full of wedding activities, with the wedding being Sat night at 6:00pm. Sunday is church (yea! can't wait!!) and then we are going to the beach. Jon and I spent our honeymoon at VA and NC beaches so a trip to VA beach is the perfect 1 year anniversery treat!! Jon flies in Fri afternoon and back to AK on Mon afternoon. I will be back the following Wed night and then work Thurs, Fri, Sat when I get home. So the next two weeks are gonna be C-R-A-ZY-Y!! Pray for good travel, good rest and good wedding.

We're having a boy!!! Yea!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So we had our ultrasound today and good news, we are having a baby boy!!! We had a follow-up ultrasound this afternoon, which showed the baby is healthy and growing well. We were excited for the great bill of health! And we (especially his Daddy) was VERY excited that he is having a BOY!

So, bring on the blue clothes, blankets, picture frames, bibs, etc. Until we hear otherwise, we will be planning on having our little Baby Boy Grant! Thanks for all the prayers! Continue to keep me and baby, and our families in your prayers! Yea, a boy!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

25 weeks is Birthday/Anniversery Week!!

July was already one of my favorite months but this month has been great!! On the 13th was my birthday, which means that I'm 26 years old! Getting up there, huh. I got awesome earrings on my birthday/anniversery from my hubby and we had a great family party on Sunday night. I got some cherry wall hangings for my kitchen, some sewing/scrapbooking items, an awesome baby picture frame and a gift card to Ben Franklin, which I already spent on MORE scrapbooking stuff!! The 14th (today!) is our anniversery. MARRIED FOR ONE YEAR!!! It has been a great year together and our last of just "the two of us." Next year, we'll be mama and papa to a little one.

Speaking of which, we are 25 weeks today. The baby moves all the times and Jon can feel it often now. He calls it "baby boy," and maybe tomorrow (we have another ultrasound), we'll find out what he/she is! But if not, "baby" will be okay for now. :0)

Tonight I'm babysitting my neices since my hubby and his brothers are out fishing. Jon's mom is here helping with bedtime right now. The bedtime woes, I would say, as the oldest two are stalling...because they want to stay up. I remember those days! Now I love early bedtimes and naptimes!! Guess things really change, huh!

Before I go, a pic of me and the hubby when we went to Glennallen to visit some friends two weekends ago. More updates soon!!