Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cookout at Harding Lake

We took the youth group to Harding Lake today for a cookout. We had a blast! The weather wasn't too warm but it wasn't too buggy either. The hotdogs and hamburgers were awesome. Our youth (with one missing, *tear* mickey in in vermont) Pictured from left (J.D., Joel, Jon, Tyler, Kim & Sara) We love these kids!

And this is mostly what Kaden did.....Sunday afternoon nap....nothing wrong with that

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The baby eats food!!! Finally!!!!


Quick update. Just got home from work. Long day because it was slow, with low census. Jon and the baby had a busy day, picking up our yardsale deal of a push mower for $100. It was nearly brand new, I might add (I found it :0) Kaden spent the afternoon with Grandma, while Jon got some errands done.

We had our friends, Rebecca & Brad, over for dinner last night. We had bbq chicken and played Dominoes. They had never played so I taught them how. Too well, apparently because Brad kicked all our butts and Rebecca's score came in second. Me and Jon were the experienced ones...and we lost! Haha.

Of note, during dinner there was another earthquake. Just another little one but this is two in two weeks. Little known fact that Alaska has a lot of earthquakes. I did some quick research. In the last 30 years, Virginia has had 10 recorded earthquakes over a 3.5. In comparsion, Alaska has had 12,053 in the same time period! So no wonder we feel them so often. I guess the magnitudes are usually low (the ones lately have been around the 3-4ish mark so you feel them, but there was no reported damage or injuries. Betcha you just learned something!

Kaden seems to be doing better. We are on the new antibiotic, which seems to be helping already in the 24+ hrs he has been on it. He is sleeping in the carseat now, while I'm nuking dinner (leftovers, yum) and Jon is making room in the shed for all your yardsale treasures from this spring. We are headed to church tomorrow and then to Harding Lake, with the youth for a cooking and some swimming??? Maybe not. It was 56 degrees today :0) I'm sure we will have some stories to tell!!

P.S. I just found out that THREE of my friends are preggers. One is due in December, one in January, one in February. I better not drink the water they are looks like its catching. Three tiny lives already growing! So exciting!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting better...

Well I found out today why I have still had a fussy baby on my hands all week. 10 days ago, he was diagnosed with double ear infections. So we had our follow up appointment today. One ear is cleared up and the other one still is infected. So I think my little guy has still been sick. We've been giving him tylenol and good thing. A hurting ear is not fun! Pray this next round of antibiotics clears it up for good!!

Jon is here on his lunch, feeding the baby. Thought I would post some pictures. Oh and Kaden has just enough hair for daddy to play with it.

sitting in his highchair, like a big boy
daddy feeding baby peaches...he doesn't know if he likes them!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun First time Fishing for Kaden!!

We had a great Memorial Day together! After mama got a nap this morning (I worked Sunday nightshift), then we all got up and headed to Birch Lake to do some fishing. We had all our gear packed and a great picnic lunch. Dad even had some success and caught a fish! Kaden loved being outside. The Lord really blessed up with great weather. We had about 1/2 hr when we first got there where it was windy and the sun was stuck behind a cloud. But then the sun came out, scared all the mosquitos away (well, most of them) and there was just enough wind to keep us comfortable.

Kaden did great! He loves being outside. He played in the water for a bit, just at the edge. Enough to get his feet wet. And he realllly liked the fish and the grass. Enjoy the pictures!!

getting the gear ready

Kaden was such a happy boy!

we did some alaskan style summer fishing too, with coats and hats...but then the sun came out!

Kaden thought the reel looked like a lot of fun

fishing with Mama

a family shot...we tried...

he did NOT like the sitting in the chair picture so much
fat boy playing in the water
he tried to eat a little bit of the moss
kaden really wanted to eat the fish
dad with his rainbow trout. a proud fisherman
kaden took a dinner break, eating his bottle...alaskan style...under a mosquito net.

Happy Memorial Day!

Just finished up another nightshift at the hospital. Sleeping the morning away. Jon had to do some paperwork at his job, so he and Kaden are "at work." Kaden's first "take your kid to work day" should run smoothly cuz Jon will be the only one there. I sent lots of bottles and toys. Hopefully Jon can get some work done. May be the first and last time to try that.

If the weather cooporates, we are going fishing this afternoon. Can't wait! Will be Kaden's first time. Got the bugdope, sunscreen, mosquito net, fan that sprays watery mist, hat, etc. all ready! Taking a 6 month old fishing should be fun! Or atleast memorable!! Pictures to come!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Update

Got a few free moments, I thought I would update on how life is going in Fairbanks.

It is SUMMER here!! Our spring and summer kinda of blur together, and I personally think it is more accurate to say that we go from winter to summer. The weather is gorgeous. 70s-80s during the day and 40s-50s at night. I like the cooler temps at night because it helps cool everything off. Our townhouse gets SO hot upstairs and having the cool nights helps cool it off. P.S. There is no such thing as central air here. People have heat or fans. Only place you are going to find central air is the hospital and Walmart. Our windows are too big for window AC units so we are learning to be creative with fans.

Summer for us means LOTS of daylight!!! Sunrise was at 4:06am this morning and the sunset is set for 11:31pm. That is a LOT of daylight. No worries, we have dark curtains and my one nightshift a week isn't quite as harsh because at 4am, you can watch the sunrise out the windows. It is a nice change from winter where, regardless of your shift, you go to work and come home from work in the darkness. June 21st will be the lonnnngest day of fact, there will not be a sunset that day for us. Nearly 24 hours of daylight! Isn't that amazing!?!?

The other thing summer means is mosquitos! Little known fact if you haven't been to AK, but we have mad mosquitos..mosquitos everywhere!! We have a mosquito net that goes over Kaden's stroller but it hasn't been that bad yet. Summer also means, for our family, lots of cookouts and hiking and fishing and in June, my entire family is coming!!! We will be seeing glaciers, snow covered mountains (yes, in June there are still snow covered mountains!!), hopefully seeing whales on our cruise in valdez, going halibut fishing and just hanging out. I can't wait!

I can't believe that he is nearly 7 months old! In two weeks, he will be that old! Can you believe it?? He had a dr. appt. this week for his ear infection and weighed 18lbs 12 oz. He is getting longer, I think but she didn't measure his length. Last time (which was 1.5 months ago, he was 27 inches) He is such a joy and we love having him around.

He is still just drinking milk. We have tried cereal, green beas, peaches, applesauce and bananas but he spits them all out and makes horrible faces. Like, "gee mom, why are you torturing me??" The pediatrician said to just keep trying, he will like it sometime. He does love biter biscuits though, which he can munch/gum on. No teeth yet but he drools all the time and everything he picks up goes to his mouth. He can sit up great in his highchair, infact at restaurants, mom and dad can now eat with Kaden sitting in his own chair. Such a big boy!!

He loves to sit on the floor and play. He doesn't like being on his tummy as much, but he is good at it. He has tried to scoot a few times, but no success yet. He can roll over now! I read that it is a 3 month skill, but it took him a bit longer. If you put a basket of toys in front of him, he will take them out one at a time and play with them. Then you've really got a mess! He has a jumparoo that he loves. And he has a play saucer at grandmas, which has lot of different things to play with. It has a swivel chair, which he just this week learned how to swivel around in. He loves empty water bottles because they make a great noise!

Kaden loves being around other kids, which really get his attention. He likes daycare because of that, I think. He watches and watches the other kiddos. And yesterday at daycare, I went to visit him on my break and he was sitting in a bumbo chair watching the fish swim in the fishtank. He also loves going to Grandma's house and playing. Usually there are some cousins there, which is a bonus cuz they love to play with him!

He is learning how to make new noises every day and new facial expressions. I need to get the camera out to capture some of them. He is also so smart now. He can see us across the room. You can just raise your eyebrows or smile at him and he bursts into a huge grin. He also loves to dance and really likes music. We have music on lots in the car and at home, and we love making him dance. He loves going for stroller rides and likes to listen when we read him books. And sometimes, we catch him sneaking a peek at the tv. We tell him, "you are too young to watch tv, mr. grant!"

Still waiting for his first words, first crawl, first foods, first walking, etc. Those things will come soon enough but for now, we are loving being parents!

Jon's job is going well. His shop is very busy in the summer, with the influx of tour buses on the roads and the RVs on the roads. He is working as the service writer right now, opening and closing all their jobs and doing customer service. The benefit is that he doesn't have to do the manual labor, but the downfall is dealing with people with broken vehicles. Not such happy people sometimes. But overall, I think his job is going well.

I continue to work in the ICU 1-2 dayshifts a week. I have been a preceptor to new staff as of late. I really like my job there. The people I work with are great. And the patients are both nice to take care of and nice to chat with. We have already seen a bunch of tourists come through our doors, so they always have stories to tell! Sometimes they don't speak English though, which can be challenging. I am also working as the Nursing Supervisor for the hospital one nighshift a week. I am in charge of bed placement, staffing, all codes/emergency situations, getting supplies/materials to patients are needed, calling in OR/cath lab crews, etc. Every shift is different, every shift I am learning something and every shift, I have enjoyed so far. It is thus far, the most intellectually stimulating thing I have done in awhile...gotta think quick and get ready for anything!

Youth group has been a blessing this year. Always challenging though! We just finished up for the summer, but have many activities planned for summer. We will resume weekly meetings in the fall. Looking ahead, we are excited for the returning youth as well as the new kids we will be leading. Continue to pray for us in this area.

We continue to live in Fairbanks in a townhouse, very near to downtown. We miss being more rural but enjoy the benefits of being close to work, stores, restaurants, etc. We are hoping by this time next year to be buying or building a house, or making arrangements to do either of those soon after that. Who knows what the Lord has for us!

In July, Jon and I will be married two years. It is amazing to think where God has brought us in the past 2+ years. Having Kaden is the best thing that ever happened to us. And having AK as a home, where God is using us for his kingdom is a tremendous blessing!

Enough rambling. Hope the update helps us not seem so far away. We miss you all. And baby is awake. More updates and pics to come!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sleeping sound

Well both of my boys had a rough day...Jon with his sore mouth and Kaden with his sore ears. After a bottle for Kaden and a book read by Daddy, the boys are out for the count. Time for mommy to make sure they are both in bed to sleep for the night. Thanks for the prayers. Keep them coming.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prayer Requests

Just a minute to type a few short prayer requests. Jon had a trip to the dentist today and he ended up with a tooth pulled. So pray for his pain and soreness in his gums. And that he can work through the pain and sleep at night.

Also, Kaden slept horrible on Tuesday night, with a high fever and pretty inconsolable. A trip to the pediatrician this morning revealed ear infections in both ears. So we are starting antibiotics, but he remains febrile and cranky. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, he will be feeling MUCH better.

More pictures, updates and prayer requests to come. Thanks for the prayers!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Kaden's Grandpa Grant turns 65 this week!! We had a surprise party on Sunday for him to celebrate. There was a TON of food, a great turn out, lots of fun...and not too many mosquitos! The cake came complete with a picture of the birthday boy on a tractor. It was a great day!

Jon and some of the gang chatting, along the Chena River
the birthday boy with Kaden
hanging out with Grandpa Grant
spending some time with "grandma" eleanor

Friday, May 15, 2009

Messy boy

So Kaden doesn't like baby food, even though he thinks he will. He looks at it longingly, but then once we give it to him, he is like "yuck!" I will have to post some of the "yuck!" pictures. But he does love biter biscuits. Mama likes them because it occupies his time for awhile. But woah, they rae messsy!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Virginia Friends & Fun times with Uncle Matt

Finally got some pictures up from when Uncle Matt came over for dinner. It is about two weeks ago now. Sorry for the late update. But you can tell that Kaden thinks Uncle Matt is just great!!

talking to Uncle Matt

full of smiles!!!

Now back to Virginia. On the day before we headed back to AK from VA, our friends Lucy and Matthew came over. I mentioned Matthew in an earlier post. He sent me Mother's Day flowers, since it was my first mother's day! So special!!!

Matthew playing with Lucy

Matthew and Kaden playing. They are buddies already!

Matthew showing Kaden how to make the toy make noise!

Mowing with Poppy in Virginia

Finally getting some more Virginia pictures uploaded. The day before we left, Kaden got to take his first lawnmower ride. Poppy was honored to ride him around the lawn. Isn't it green?!?!? It was beautiful the day we left!

the iris in my folks' yard

so proud to ride the mower with poppy

riding around...

finishing up the front yard on the mower

Happy Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was a wonderful day! I was exhausted from traveling from VA to AK on Friday and then working on Saturday, but I ended up having a great day. Church was good. We had lunch with Jon's folks and his neices. Jon's mom took the baby for the afternoon so me and Jon could nap before I went into work Sunday night. I got some beautiful flowers from my hubby! And Saturday night, Kaden and him took me out for dinner. I also got some flowers from our friends in Virginia, Lucy, Bernie and Matthew. I babysat Matthew since he was 4 months old. He just turned TEN! Can you believe it! So it was a great day and all my flowers made the house smell so nice!

Kaden in his new pjs, he looked so cute with the little hat on!

flowers from the Plotners. So beautiful!

my roses from my hubby, they were the same color pink as the roses in our wedding!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Back home safe!

More pictures from our visit to Virginia to come.

Thanks for all the prayers. Kaden and I arrived home not 1/2 hr ago. We had a 6 hr layover scheduled in Anchorage, but were able to get a stand by flight. So we got home 3 hours earlier than scheduled. Kaden did great traveling, better than mama. Flying 5000 miles in one day is close to torture. Worth the trip though because we had a great time. Didn't get to spend time with everyone we had hoped, which is the case everytime we head home. But it was great to spend time with my family, especially my grandparents.

Working Saturday dayshift and Sunday nightshift, so updates will be later next week with pictures from our visit.

Its good to be home. P.S. the snow is gone!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun Visit to Pennsylvania

On our way home from Washington, DC, we stopped in Pennsylvania to visit with my dad's family. We got to see Mom & Pap Sites, which was a treat! Pap's health is improving remarkedly, according to his report from his doctor. Which is a great praise!!! Enjoy the pictures!

playing with his toys and Mom Sites

sitting with Pap Sites, Kaden's only great-grandfather still with us

our nephew, Brady, meeting up with Kaden again. They like each other much!

playing with each other

aunt kajsa and baby Kaden

Home to Virginia

Getting some fun pictures uploaded from our weekend in Virginia so far!

playing with poppy's hair

kaden LOVES his toes!!!

kaden loves playing with his toes!

tab & courtney eating dinner with us friday night in maryland
off the airplane..and straight into poppy's arms!

now its mormor's turn to play with baby!

World Traveler

We made it to Virginia! We had a good trip, just loooong. Kaden did great on the plane. Slept through the first flight like a good boy. Played 1/2 of the second flight and slept the second 1/2 of it. We landed in Washington, DC and my folks picked us up. To avoid rush hour traffic, we stopped at the park just across the Potomac River to watch the planes land. As a little girl, we went there almost yearly as a family to "watch the planes," one of my dad's favorite things to do.

Well, it was a first for Kaden. He didn't know quite what to do about the loud noise, but since it was only momentary, he overall liked it...I think. This was the first time he was out sitting on the blanket on the grass, being a winter baby. He loved the wind blowing and being outside suited him!

sitting on the grass with mama

the airplane is just starting to come in for a landing...

happy boy, outside playing on the grass!

planes fly right over you!!! and the washington monument is right there too!

his face was priceless! it would've been great to know what he was thinking!