Sunday, May 4, 2008

More updates

You may wonder why updates are so sporatic these days. Well, my work blocked the previous blog that i used (xanga) and now it is blocking this website. So I can no longer update at work and only have an opportunity when we are at my in-laws. Some updates...

On Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. Jon went with me and we got to hear the baby's heart beat!! It was AMAZING!!! It was a hearty 156, which is normal and was beating "like a boy's heart," says my hubby. Next month's appointment should be another chance to hear the heartbeat (I hope) and in June, we should get our ultrasound and see if it is a boy or a girl. This week, I'm still hoping for a girl!

Work has been busy, which makes time go by quickly. Now time is dragging because my hubby is gone. He has been working as a service writer versus a mechanic for almost two months now, at the same company. Even though it is an office job, he really likes it and is learning a lot. He needed some more training so he flew down to Portland, OR to attend some classes in Vancouver, WA tomorrow through Thursday. He will be home on Friday. I will be bored without him but maybe I can get some packing done.

Why packing? (Nope, not time to move back to VA yet) Our lease runs out where we are renting now at the end of the month. So we have been looking and hoping for something "better" to come along. And it did!! We are signing a lease later next week for a townhouse in Fairbanks. It is about as big as what we have now. Living room and kitchen is downstairs and the bathroom and bedrooms x 2 are upstairs. It is similar to the place that Tab and I rented in Waynesboro. The best part?? We will have real internet (we are hoping to purchase a computer later this month) at our disposal and cable TV (more than the basic that we have now). There is a dishwasher, nice kitchen and patio out back, big enough for some outdoor furniture and a grill. And there is a laundry room, with a washer and dryer! Just for me!! At our place now, we have assigned days to do laundry and it is coin operated. So I have been doing laundry once a week, which makes for a full day of laundry, most times. I am excited to be able to throw a load in, whenever I want or we need, and to take the laundry expense out of the way. The other great part is that we will both be 5 minutes from work and only 20 minutes from family. Church will be a bit farther at 45 minutes.

I'm having lunch with Jon's folks and his neices. Then we are making mother's day cards. Then I'm going home to take a big fat nap! My favorite!! Oh and did I mention that I have capris on and it is 60+ degrees. Spring is here!!!

Thanks for all the prayers! You can see that lots have been answered. Love you all!