Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun Pictures!

Got this picture this morning from my folks. We took it on the way home to Fairbanks from Glennallen. You can see that the snow is starting to melt and spring isn't that far away now.

And I love this picture!!! When my folks were in town, we went to the international ice festival in Fairbanks. Here they are in an ice canoe. Cute, huh!! :0)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Picture

Got this picture of our neices and nephew in texas on Easter Sunday. Aren't they so cute?? The oldest three were our flower girls and ring bearer in the wedding. They have grown so much!!

Alaskan moments

So long ago it was that I updated everyone...

The trip to Anchorage with the youth group went great. The speaker was awesome, the band was good and had a blast. My favorite was the late night bowling and the praise and worship. And getting to know the kids better was great too. Didn't much sleep though. :0( But that was to be expected.

Work has been going good. It was slow on Saturday so I was just on-call instead of working. Then, Tuesday I just had one patient all day. What a treat! I worked on some phonecalls that I had been needing to make and had a nice day at work. Back here today and it is busy. I am hoping to get to go home early. :0) Who knows if I will get that lucky.

Last night after youth group, we went out to Jon's parents house in Salcha to pick up our regular tires (we need to get the winter tires taken off). Well, it was dark and the northern lights were out great! In his parents yard, there is a big clearing and the lights were in the sky like a big rainbow of green. I love them! Then Jon was using his coyote call to try and round up some coyotes. We didn't get any response at first so we started up the engine to leave but then we saw one move in the woods. So we turned off the car again and he started using the call. The howl didn't ilicit much of a response but he did pups barking and then it was amazing. From the woods came real coyotes barking, like 3 or 4 of them (Jon swears there were 6 of them but how would one know?). Anyway, they were barking and yippin like fiends and it was great! A very alaskan moment.

Hopefully there will be more alaskan moments to come!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great Visit!

Well my folks have come and gone without me blogging once! I guess that tells ya that we stayed busy. My parents came in on the 5th and just left on the 11th. They are home safe and we had a wonderful visit! It was in the 40s and melty while they were here and this morning, it is 10 above and snowing. It seems that winter is back after a week of springlike weather.

During our visit, we did some great things! We ate out A LOT! But it was quite a treat! We drove down to Valdez and saw moose, lynx and eagles. We saw rain, snow and much wind on the top of Thompson pass. The mountains were beautiful along the drive too. We had a lovely breakfast with Daisy and Anthony while we were in Glennallen and church on Sunday was good. We also took a trip out to Chena Hot Springs, which was fun. It was weird to be outside in a bathing suit when there is snow on the ground!! :0)

My dad found his new favorite shopping place, Sportsman Wearhouse. He spent hours narrowing down his perfect purchase. He got some camo hunting gear mostly, I think. We did some more shopping downtown, which my mom got to find some jewelry to take home. And some souveniers for my sisters and the grandbaby.

Pictures to come soon! I'm working today (hoping for a quiet day) and then we head to Anchorage tomorrow through Sunday for the Youth Evangelism Conference with the youth group.

Praises: great visit with the folks, safe travel
Prayer Requests: jon's job, our family, travel to anchorage this weekend, YEC, good weather!

Monday, March 3, 2008

A great preacher I have!

Jon preached on Sunday for the first time at our church. He did a great job! I was so proud! And impressed!! The pastor has been out of town for two weeks and asked Jon to preach on March 2nd. He spoke about Peter walking on the water and about doubting and distractions. His dad, brother/sis-in-law and sister and their kids all came to hear him speak. That was a great blessing too!!

On Saturday night, we picked up the girls from the youth group for a Girls Night Out. Jon took us ladies out to dinner and then dropped us off to see "Penelope," a fairytale of a movie. The girls loved it, and I enjoyed it too. Then, we went to Barnes to get some coffee and back home to play games. I kicked some butt at Dutch Blitz and we had pizza and watched "The Devil Wears Prada." I went to bed around 1230am and only one of the three were still up. So I think we were all tired!!

My parents come on Wednesday!! We are so excited to see them and to visit. I have lots of stuff that I'm hoping that we get done. Pray for good weather and that the northern lights come out!!

Praises: Jon's preaching, good youth night
Prayer Requests: traveling mercies (for Jon's folks going to TX and for mine coming up to AK), youth group, my Pap, our family, Jon's job