Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well Kaden didn't arrive in time for Halloween, but we are THANKFUL that he was here in time for Thanksgiving!! We are all doing well and sorry for the long time between updates. Thanks for all the prayers!! We are home and doing well. We had a wonderful visit with my mom, who was up visiting for ten days. She left Monday, which was sad for all of us. But we are looking forward to seeing her soon in January, as we are traveling to Virginia for a long visit.

I have been enjoying my days off and time alone with Kaden. He eats great and is awake more and more. I like when he sleeps though because then it is nap time for me!! He is growing well. Born at 8lbs, 1 oz, he got down to 7 lbs, 5 oz. At our last weight check on Wednesday, he was 8 lbs, 6 oz. Growing great!! His umbilical cord fell off finally and he no longer has any yellow on his skin or in his eyes, so the jaundice is gone. And he is pooping like a champ!

Speaking of which, below was his Thanksgiving outfit. About 5 minutes before we left for Thanksgiving dinner at Jon's sister's house, Kaden filled his diaper with a poop that also ruined his onesie, his thanksgiving top and his pants. Woah!! What a boy!!

Daddy and Kaden on Thanksgiving Day

It says, "I'm Stuffed."

A proud grandma, my mom

The entire family. Kaden is 2 weeks old in his picture.

I love being a mom!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our own little family

So life is good in Ak. Kaden is 10 days old today and wow, how time flies! And wow, how tired I am sometimes. I will have to share some of my "new mother" moments another day. But if I thought my mind was mush when I was pregnant, I had no idea. I think it will just take some time before I'm back to normal.

Kaden is doing well. He had a slight set back and was readmitted to the hospital with some jaundice last week. But he recovered quickly and isn't any worse for the wear. He eats great, sleeps good too. We love spending time with him! And he is soooo cute!

My mom got in last Thursday and we've had a great visit. I will be sad when my special helper goes. Jon is a great helper too and we are a good team. Did I mention how cute my kid is? Just thought I would post some pics for all you folks far away. We miss you!!

Keep Kaden and us in your prayers. We appreciate it!

Baby Kaden is tired...

my mom visiting with the baby after supper

his shirt says "Nuts about Mommy." I'm nuts about him!

his dragon outfit is my favorite so far! It fits him perfect!!

such big eyes, I love them! He's wearing his Pooh outfit from Great Grandma Anderson.

His daddy loves him lots!

and so does his mommy!!!

big blue eyes, i love them!

sleeping like a baby.... z.z.z.z.z.z...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kaden is here!!

Baby Kaden has arrived!!! He arrived on Sunday night, Nov 9th at 10:58pm. He was 8 lbs and 1 ounce, 21 inches. We had an uneventful stay in the hospital and went home on Tues night. Our doctor's appointment today showed that he has some jaundice, a simple problem that can be fixed by putting him under some special lights in the hospital for a few days. So my little guy will be cooking under a french fry light for a few days. Keep us in your prayers but we are ALL doing great! And my mom gets here to visit for 2 weeks tomorrow so praise the Lord for that blessing too. Updates and more pictures to come soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election time

So the election has been decided. Obama is president. I think there could be worse things in life. I personally think whoever got elected is kinda screwed. I mean, 4 years to fix the war, the economy, healthcare, the energy crisis, etc. That is a lotta junk to fix so I say, good luck! I cast my vote so I did what I can do. Now, I'll just pray for the dude doing the doing. :0)

Still pregnant. I guess my kid wanted to be there with me (in utero, mind you) to participate in the historic election. We are still praying that baby will come on his own. But the doctor will induce me on Saturday or Sunday, if we haven't gone into labor by then. I will wait patiently until then and hopefully, he will come on his own!!

Keep us in your prayers! In an effort not to be bored, I'm going back to work this week. I had a week off and caught up around the house but I don't want to sit around and think "oh, I'm still pregnant." :0) But baby is good. Me and Jon are coping well. So don't feel sorry or bummed for us, God knows the best timeline and we will work to be patient waiting! But pray for a delivery! Quick and painless (if that exists, when labor is concerned).

More updates to come!!