Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend with the neices

So we survived being auntie and uncle for the weekend! Haha! It was great fun! We picked up Jon's neices, Megan, Tristyn and Samantha on Saturday afternoon. We took them for a walk at Birch Hill and then hit up their favorite, McDonalds with playland! Many french fries and icecreams later, we hit the sack...

Samantha picking berries...

Tristyn found a leaf!!

Uncle Jon with his first bow kill, a grouse! I pan fried it up and we already ate it. Not bad eating!!

Samantha and Meghan were not impressed...

We all woke up to our first snowfall of the winter this morning!

We had a wonderful weekend with the girls. I'm one tired auntie! I'm working the next two days and then a few days off to clean up house. And maybe fry some more grouse, if the hubby continues his killing spree. Hopefully no more snow for awhile. It was beautiful but gone by evening. I welcome a few more weeks of fall!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cutest ever!!

And this is why my nephew, Brady, is the cutest baby ever!!! 1 year and 2 months old and munching down on a double cheeseburger. My hero!! I just thought this pic was too cute. Enjoy!!

and yes, i love this kid. can't wait to introduce him to mine!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

34 1/2 weeks

Had a great doctor's appointment this week. My OB said that I'm measuring perfect for how far along I am, I haven't gained too much weight and my blood pressure was perfect! All good news!!!

I will go for a 36 week check up and then go to weekly visits. That means that baby time is getting close. We got the Pooh bassinette up in our bedroom today and we are making the finishing touches on baby's room. I need to pack my bag and before we know it, he will be here!! Yea!!

Fall is turning into winter quickly. Snow is in the forcast for the weekend. It was 36 when Jon and I headed to work this morning around 8ish. Can you believe it, snow already?!?! Kaden might have a white welcome!

Baby Alice Bea Franz

Finally got some fun pictures of Anne and Zach's newest addition, baby Alice Bea. Aren't they a cute family? Blaze turned 1 year old in June and now baby Alice. Can't wait to meet her!!

Zach, Anne and Alice at the hospital...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trails at Birch Hill

Today was Saturday and we had a great day. Jon went moose hunting in the morning (heard one but didn't get one) and then we went out on the trails at Birch Hill. The weather was perfect and crisp. Only complaint was the bugs, they were out in full force. But it was great to be outside. Pretty soon the trails will be covered with snow and the only choice is to ski. So hopefully we'll get our cross country ski groove on this year and be out there skiing. P.S. I love fall!!

me and johnny smiling for the camera

jon's fav trail, the roller coaster

johnny walking the trails

the birch trees make pretty leaves!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A lengthy update

A few pictures from our trip a few weekends ago in Glennallen. Jon standing over the bluff.

standing at the bluff together

preggo me at 32 weeks. now we are nearly 34 weeks!

Today has been a slow day at work so I thought I would update. We finished up three nights of childbirth classes last night. We practiced breathing techniques, laboring positions and discussed the stages of labor. Overall, we each learned more than one thing and we had fun. Jon told me last night that he was "ready for delivery." Well, this mama is kinda glad that the pain and reality of that stage of life isn't here quite yet.

You can be praying for us and the pregnancy. Things continue to go very well. The baby is very active and gives my bladder no room these days. Good news to share! Our friends, Zach and Anne, had a little baby girl yesterday, Thursday, September 11 around 8:00am. She was 7 lbs and 15 ounces, 21 inches long. Her name is Alice Bea and is doing great. She is a little jaundiced so she is spending some extra time under the french fry lights but overall, mum and baby are doing well.

I am hoping to work up until my due date and work has been good. We were super slow today but otherwise, it has been steady. Today, me and a coworker planned a Mexican potluck day and a Potato Bar day. Hopefully it will be a good time and good eats...well as good as work can be. Paid to eat though so that part isn't horrible!

It is still moose season and Jon will be going in the morning. Keep praying for a big one!!

Youth group has been going well so far this year. We have 6 regular kids who are coming. We have lots planned for the fall but some spots where other folks are gonna help us out, when we are on "maternity leave" for about a month. It is funny how you plan for 9 months for baby and life after baby will be so different. I hope it is as great as we imagine! Just meeting baby will be a treat!!! And worth the wait! Now if only I could skip the laboring part....hmmm...

Well, time to pass some meal trays to the patients. Oh and go Sarah Palin! AK loves her!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

No moose yet

kajsa, tim and brady at the fair

the cutest nephew ever!!

Jon is hunting, hunting and hunting his little heart out. He has been moose hunting all weekend, trying to fill our freezer. He saw a mama moose Friday but no moose today. Pray for safety and a big bull moose for me to cook up all winter!!

I'm working this weekend, my last weekend to work for awhile. It was a steady day and I will be glad to go home and put my feet up. I feel mostly normal these days but tired. That is to be expected and I am just thankful that I'm getting decent sleep. The baby kicks all the time and I like knowing he is wiggling inside my tummy.

I got to see some summer pics of Brady today. Wow, he is growing up!! I thought I would post a few!! Seeing as how I love him so much and love new pics and updates, I can't imagine how tired of baby pics you will all be once our little one has arrived!!

Keep praying for a moose!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall is here!

Happy September!! It is fall in Alaska and the leaves are already changing colors. We went to Glenallen this weekend to visit Daisy and Anthony. The drive was beautiful! Orange and yellow leaves were everywhere on the roads. We saw 4 moose on the way home, two bulls!! We went to a friend's wedding on Saturday afternoon, which was beautiful. Pictures to come! Daisy is only 5 weeks from having her baby so she is getting into the final stages of preparation. Also, Daisy and Anthony bought a house so we got to a tour of their new place!!

Monday was Labor Day. I had to work but it was okay with me. I was busy all day and I got paid time and 1/2. That is always motivation to be at work! Sept 1 also marked the first day of moose hunting season. Jon was out early in the morning hunting and was hunting last night too. No luck but we had fun being outside. Pray for a bull moose by the end of the season!!

This week our friends, Luke and Charity, are coming up to visit from Tok. It will be good to see them cuz we haven't seen them in months. And this weekend, it is our nieces birthday party! Should be a fun weekend!

Baby is good and kicking all the time. I like knowing that we are with each other all the time! I will miss that part of life when he is outside and is "everyone's"s baby. But having him in my arms will be great too! I can't wait to meet him! Pray for a safe 8 weeks! And then he will be here!! Yea!!