Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Calling him home...

This week, God called my grandfather home to be with him. My Pap died on Tuesday morning, Dec 28th with family at his bedside. He was a tremendous man of God and he officiated at our wedding. Losing him is a great loss, but we rejoice that he is no longer in any discomfort or suffering. He is with the Lord, finding true peace and rest.

I wrote the following for my Dad to share at Pap's funeral in lieu of us being at the service:

"Today I write this letter as a granddaughter, honored to send this letter as a way to participate in a service celebrating Pap's life. It is times like these where the miles between us seem far. In Pap's passing, he left a tremendous legacy for us as grandchildren. He showed us by example how to be a caring spouse, a faithful father, a passionate preacher and a gracious grandfather.

Even until recent days, Pap chose to recognize the blessings in his life. I remember talking to him on Election Day in Novmeber, and I could hear the excitement in his voice that even through his physical problems, he was proud to be ab le to participate in "life."

Although the burden of loss may be great today, I rejoice that Pap was a believer in CHRIST. I read this week that, "Those who live in the Lord never see each for the last time." As fellow believers, we can take comfort that we will see Pap again in glory. This world, as well as our good byes, are temporary, as we look to Gd's promise of eternal life though him. Praise the Lord for his promises and for his tremendous faithfulness that he has shown us through Pap's life and legacy."

Pap will be greatly missed.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


me and the lil guys...more pictures to come! merry christmas to all!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cool whip fun!

Looking back..

We had a wonderful visit with my folks at the end of November/beginning of December. Just now getting some fun pictures uploaded. We miss them lots! But we had an awesome time with them!!!! Here are some pics of our time with Mormor & PopPaw.

having our first "opening christmas" day of this holiday season!
naptime for all the boys
kaden only cuddles after naptime. cuddling with poppaw.
my dad, fresh off the redeye...meeting noah for the first time!
mormor & poppaw with the boys
k playing with noah
noah's first time going swimming (well, he didn't do much swimming!)

kaden was a fan of the "edge of the pool" too

Sunday, December 12, 2010

6 weeks old

Noah is 6 weeks old today. We had a good AM at church and spent the afternoon together, hanging out. Tonight we went to see our friend, Jon, play hockey. Kaden loved watching. Noah slept through the game. Some pics from this weekend.

kaden LOVES his brother!

talking to his mama
noah is getting BIG really fast!