Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas pictures and tree!

here it is! we have gotten our christmas picture done and out!!

pictures of our xmas tree are here!!

...we got it on nov. 26th and we love it! very alaskan but lovable too!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My nephew, Brady! look at my cute nephew, brady! this is him on his mama's bday, october 24th...

he is already wooing the ladies, so cute in his flipped-up hat

...not crawling yet but starting to check the world out...

he is smiling so much now and such a little character, so i hear. i talked to kajsa this week. he is getting up on his knees, but not quite crawling yet. and he will start eating cereal and foods in a month or two. i miss him and he is such a cutie!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The one with four trips to Salcha

No movies for me this weekend, but me and the hubby stayed very busy. On Friday night, I got off work a little early (didn't end up getting a patient) so we grabbed a bite to eat at one of our favorite places, Brewsters. It was yummy! Then, we headed home and watched some tv.

On Saturday, we were up early (the crack of dawn, i.e. 0900) and headed out to Salcha to get our Christmas tree. We stopped for a snack on the way (cinnamon buns and chocolate milk, yum) and then went xmas tree hunting. On the way, we saw a little moose eating some grass along side the road. Then, we saw three grouse while we were xmas tree hunting. Finally, we found our tree!! It wasn't perfect on the bottom so we hacked that part off and just kept the top part, which looked great. We strapped it down in Dan's truck and headed back to our house. We put the tree up and added a few lights. After that, we headed over to return Dan's truck. Trip #1 to Salcha done.

Then, we were done with all that and headed back out to Salcha to visit Jon's adoptive grandparents, Jerry & Eleanor. By the time we got there, we found out we had more kids than we had room for in our car. So after a brief visit (and I do mean brief, about 15 minutes), we headed back to get Dan's expedition. Trip #2 to Salcha done.

After getting the expedition to borrow (cuz it can seat 8 people), we went back to Salcha to pick up the kids. We had 5 kids waiting for there, which was great. So into town we headed to putt putt. Trip #3 to Salcha done.

We arrived to putt putt and met another one of our youth there. That made 8 people, including us, which meant two teams of 4 people. We did glow-in-the-dark putt putt, which was a lot of fun. There are no lights, just black lights and the green glows, the balls glow, the decorations glow. It is great! I got a lowest score in my group (which was an added bonus, hehe) and Jon and I both got a hole in one on the last hole. Don't mess with our putt putt skills. Haha. So then we went to Coldstone Creamery and had monster servings of icecream. Yum! Mine was awesome. We made a quick stop by Fred's to get some chicken for the kids (they were reportedly starrrrrvingggg!!!) and we headed back to Salcha. Trip # 4 to Salcha about done...

After dropping off all the kids, we went to Jerry & Eleanor's house again. Some other family friends, the Kaz's, were there. Mike (the dad) plays banjo so he and Jon played some honkey tonk for awhile. We had a nice visit, this time for about 2 hours and headed home. By this time, I was exhausted from a busy day to we hit sack.

We had church on Sunday, which was good. The Pastor was focusing on Thanksgiving. We all had to make a list of 20 things that we were thankful for...with the thought that if we didn't thank the Lord for it, we didn't get it the next day or ever again. Try to only think of 20 things in life that you need! I mean, I need the basics: air, water, food, fuel, car, house, job and those that I love: my husband, my family, other believers, friends, the church. And then the other things in life that are tangible: my Bible, photographs, music, money. And then things that are also necessary: grace, love, faith, forgiveness, mercy, etc. It really puts things into perspective and makes you more thankful. After that, we made a 5 sentence "thank you" prayer for everything that God has given us. He put them in the offering plate and then held up two plates: one filled with our thanksgiving and one filled with our $$. He made a second good point that the plate with our thanksgiving means so much more to the Lord than the $$. Good sermon!!

After church, we had some moose bbq, decorated the xmas tree, took some pictures in front of the xmas tree. Jon worked on the youth group lesson for Wed and I worked on a cross stitch that I've started. We cleaned up a bit around the house too. Then, we went in the evening to visit Jon's folks. We had a quick visit over there so we could be home in time to watch The Amazing Race. I love that show! We watched the show and had a snack, then to bed.

I'm working today and need to get some lunch in me cuz I've got a bit of a headache. I have pictures of my nephew to share! Love you all!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


We had a wonderful thanksgiving! I was supposed to work yesterday but we had a low census so I got overstaffed. Jon and I slept in and then got our baking/cooking underway. Jon made a ham, marinated with maple syrup and brown sugar. It turned out great!!

I made a spinach/stuffing/chicken dish, pumpkin pies, a chocolate pie and turkey cookies. What are turkey cookies, you might ask? Imagine if you will. A round sugar cookie (delish!) with icing on the top part, with little candy corns on it. Then, a bit of icing on another candy corn right in the center. The top candy makes the feathers and the single candy corn makes the mouth/beak, etc. They were so cute and very yummy. And the youth group kids and my neices loved them!! (pictures to come!)

Today, I'm working. It is actually steady but my second patient will be leaving soon. So then I will be patient-less. But I'm sure an admission is coming from the ER before we know it. I think I'm going to work on our Xmas list and Xmas card list and maybe start our first official Xmas newsletter...

...Oh and tonight, I'm hoping to get my hubby to take me to the movies!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


it snowed all night last night! so beautiful out!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Traveling to Glennallen

...daisy and anthony playing nice with the animals outside the knotty shop (named for the wooden animals and carvings, made out of wood with burls...

...we are funny, right? don't worry, we know that we are...

on the way to anchorage, we saw 15 eagles!! here is one of them. the only bird in the world that i actually like. so pretty!

...oh and we saw some mooses! these are two little ones. their mama is out of the picture but she was there too. this was about 1 hr south of where we live, in a town called delta junction.

along the road to anchorage, this is summit lake. soon it will be frozen over and the caribou will migrate right over it. cool, huh.

me and the hubby, on the road to glennallen...

the wide open road, with the mountains ahead and about 3 hours to our destination of glennallen.

Our house!!!

finally we get some pictures of the inside of our house. first is our dining room...

...this is the guest bedroom. we have an air mattress on the floor and the computer is set up in there. we use the closet for storage and someday, we'll have another bed in there! or maybe a baby!!

...this is our living room. we are borrowing a couch from jon's parents and we are still unpacking new gifts from the reception last weekend so there is a bit of clutter...

...this is the bedroom, where our king bed is...our pride and joy. i like the storage behind the bed, with all the shelves for me to put up my pictures. and jon makes fun of my teddy on the bed but i think that it makes the bed cute. :0)

Pumkin carving!!!

finally got some more pictures to post! it seems like forever ago but my pumpkin carving pictures. mine is the silly face and jon's is the scary tree thingy!

Friday, November 16, 2007


it is snowing!!! we woke up to snow this morning, which was quite the treat. it might not seem like it but i love the snow, especially when it is falling from the sky!! it turns the old blah snow isn't new, sparkling white snow!! it makes it feel like a winter wonderland. very romantic...

spending the weekend getting errands done and we are going to a play tonight, "oklahoma." my husband must really love me. but i'm excited. should be a good show!!

gotta go get some pictures from the past few weeks developed. love yas!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

more reception pictures!

...some pictures of jon, me and his neices...i love these littles girls!

Alaska Wedding Reception

Alaska Wedding Reception:
Our reception here in Alaska has come and gone. It was a wonderful weekend, full of friends and family time. Daisy and Anthony came in this weekend to visit us (pictures to come). We had about 50 guests, which was awesome. The food was wonderful, the cake was great and it was just a good weekend.
We also got some great gifts. We got a silverware set, plates /cups/bowls, a coffee maker, spice rack, aphgan, $$, giftcards, cookware and each one of jon's neices brought me a rose during the reception. Oh and Jon's brother, Dan, gave a wonderful toast. We are looking forward to purchasing xmas gifts and a vacuum cleaner with our extra cash!
Praises: good reception, great seeing Daisy/Anthony, good phone call with Anne, snow on Monday!
Prayer requests: Jon's job, youth group, Tab's job options, the holidays

Thursday, November 8, 2007

our house!

finally pictures of our house!!! we are living in the upstairs of this house that has been turned into two apartments and one efficiency. the kitchen is huge and i love it! lots of drawers and table space! i should take a picture of it now, full of goodies and cluttered (don't tell!)
the living room is huge but there wasn't a pic that did it justice. it is to the left of the fridge. the dining room is on the other side of the bar, with a lovely table and no chairs. :0) we are working on that... the bedroom has the inset shelves, which are full of picture frames and candles. and the last pic is from the outside of our house, just after it snowed the last time. since we moved into it around september, we haven't gotten to use the deck as much as we would like...but we like that the spring will provide us with the opportunity to use our extended living space!!
with all utilities covered, rent isn't too bad and we are liking it. signed an 8 month lease so we'll see what the spring brings...either a change or a renewal. but regardless, we love where we are living!!

snowmachines and more!!

some pictures from last month of me and jon and his neices on jon's snowmachine. it is a 1980 john deere snowmachine. they don't even make them anymore!! but it is in "cherry" (i.e. excellent) condition, according to my hubby, so we bought it! it works well and we had a blast riding around with the girls. we have much more snow now, so we need to get out there and ride again soon!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

so i promised winter snow pictures looong ago and finally i get some online here. we haven't gotten any more snow since a few inches last week but the weather is crisp and cold.

i am hating daylight savings time!! it is getting dark around 4-430pm, which is way too early. and daylight isn't until 9ish. so winter in alaska is coming and we are still losing about 5 minutes a day. around xmas time, we will start gaining minutes of daylight. can't wait!!

had today off work. i did laundry, cleaned up around the house, made some phonecalls and got a shirt for the reception. i didn't want to wear a dress to the wedding reception on saturday, so i'm wearing a skirt and a nice, new shirt that i got for 50% off, i might add. it would've been a bit spendy otherwise. daisy and anthony are coming up this weekend and i can't wait to visit with them.

went to jon's brother's house last night. got to visit with his neices, who i adore. then, we watched "Ratattouillle," which was pretty funny. the popcorn was good too. yum. :0)

Tomorrow is work. i hate getting up early but work has been going well. hopefully we will have some patients!! getting ready to finish getting the youth lesson typed up and going to head into pick up jon.

praises: good weather, getting laundry done, slow day at work, good chat with my friend, katie

prayer requests: tabitha's job interview on friday, youth group, jon's job, the wedding reception

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i have started another blog since the xanga one was hard to keep up, since i didn't have access at work. so now, i will be able to update more frequently and add pictures too!

today i'm working and we have NO patients! can you believe it?!?! we have been doing inservices and online learning and chart audits to stay busy.

last night, i made mamwich for the first time. let me tell you, i'm not a fan. but my hubby likes it. i did like the hashbrown casserole that i made though. yum.

tomorrow is youth group. we are going to do a topical lesson on something fun, i think. we had a low turnout last week, due to it being a holiday but we are hoping for great numbers this week!!