Friday, March 27, 2009

Snowing again! Where is spring, I wonder...

So we woke up to snow this morning. Not too much but we were just commenting earlier this week how it has been in the high 30s and the snow has been melting. I guess it won't be spring until May, as is per usual here in AK.

Kaden and I are spending today at home. I had a weird work schedule this week, working Tues, Thurs and tomorrow (Sat) because I had last weekend off. Tonight Jon's folks are coming over for dinner and then watching Kaden. That way, me and Jon can go to the movies for some "us" time.

Kaden is doing good, playing right now. Actually starting to whine a bit, which means that he must be getting tired. Time to put him to bed. By the way, he has been sleeping in his crib in our room for 2 weeks straight! What a good boy! Growing up so quick!

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